• Teacher reading with a group of students Becoming a Plano ISD Employee

    Items to bring to the New Hire Appointment:

    1. Identification Documents - Please ensure that you have the acceptable identification documents necessary to complete the I-9 form at your new hire meeting. Failure to submit acceptable documents will delay the hiring process. 

    2. Official Transcripts - Official transcripts are required in personnel files. The District will accept electronic transcripts sent through a secure network directly to newhires@pisd.edu (i.e. eSCRIP-SAFE, Transcript Network, National Student Clearinghouse, etc.) or hardcopies of an official transcript from the college/university. Hardcopies must be hand delivered to the Human Resources Department. Once submitted to the District, transcripts are official government records and must be retained according to the District's retention schedule. Transcripts will not be returned.

    3. High School Diploma - Paraprofessionals and PASAR employees must provide us with a copy of their high school diploma or GED for their personnel file. A paraprofessional with a college degree will receive an extra $350.00 for a bachelor’s degree or $250.00 for an associate’s degree added to their annual salary after we have received an official transcript with the degree conferred.

    4. Service Records - If credit is given for experience, please request that your last Texas public school employer send your original service record to your mailing address. If your last employment was in an out-of-state school, or private school, you can send the service record request form to those schools. Private school experience will not be reflected in the salary quote until the private school service record has been received and reviewed by Employee Records. Original service records are required. Photocopies, emailed or faxed service records are not acceptable. You have sixty days from your first day of employment to provide us with your service record. If service records are not received within the allotted time, your salary will be adjusted accordingly.

    5. Social Security Card - Bring your original social security card or social security receipt for us to verify your name matches the name on your application for our payroll records.

    6. Your Best Smile - A picture will be made for your PISD identification badge


    Completed Employment Forms Required For New Hire Meeting

    If you do not have access to a printer prior to your new hire meeting, the below forms can be provided to you at your scheduled appointment.

    1. I-9 form - This form will be completed at your new hire meeting. Please be sure to bring identification that meets the acceptable documents requirement.

    2. W-4 - complete the lower portion of the form and include teh total number of allowances you are claiming on line 5. Do not cut the form. Follow the directions on the form under the “Personal Allowances Worksheet” to assist in making your selections.

    3. Social Security Form - Please put your social security number in the line provided for Employee ID #.

    4. HR Policy Guide Acknowledgment - Please read and sign the form

    5. Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposit - Bank account information is required for payroll (routing number and account number). Our district participates in direct deposit as paper checks are no longer issued. If you do not want to use a bank account or do not have a bank account, we will provide you information at your new hire meeting to enroll in our “CashPay” card program. It is mandatory to either choose direct deposit or the CashPay card for your payroll. Please leave the employee ID section blank if you are new to PISD. 

    6. Progressive Discipline Guidelines for Support Staff - for Paraprofessional, Auxiliary, Part-time and temporary positions only (Classroom Assistants, Clerks, Specialists, Office Managers, Bus Drivers, Cafeteria Specialists, Cafeteria Managers, Pasar Activity Specialists, Adult Temps, etc.)

    7. Substitute Resignation Form - Complete if you are an active substitute for Plano ISD and are being employed in a full-time position 

  • Congratulations and Welcome to Plano ISD!

  • T-TESS Orientation 

    All teachers, coaches, librarians, SLP’s, regional day school instructors, diagnosticians, and intervention specialists must attend Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) orientation. Plano ISD requires all teachers to attend T-TESS which is the state's approved instrument for appraising teachers. 


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