• Plano ISD Dyslexia Therapy Training Program

    Plano Independent School District is committed to educating students identified with dyslexia and offers a two-year Dyslexia Therapist Training Course for specialists who are providing dyslexia instruction. From identification to treatment, this course combines strategies, techniques, and curriculum of the Take Flight Comprehensive Dyslexia program. This training empowers specialists and ensures their instructional practices meet the unique learning needs of students with dyslexia. 

    Dyslexia specialists are required to attend a two-year Take Flight Training Program in order to implement therapist level of instruction. Plano ISD conducts an in-house training program, which closely aligns with the training components of TSRH. Highly skilled qualified instructors (QIs) who have gone through extensive, additional training deliver the training instruction. Plano ISD’s training program is dyslexia-therapists level and requires 200 course hours, 10 instructional video critiques, numerous book reports and article reports. In addition, specialists are required to keep track of instructional hours with students. Once they have completed the course training requirements, accumulated 700 instructional hours with three groups from start to finish, they will be eligible to sit for the certification exam to become a certified academic language therapist (CALT). The district currently has specialists at all elementary and middle schools with training in the Take Flight Program. Specialists have become either certified academic language therapists or currently working on course and instructional hour training requirements.  

Teachers engaged in Take Flight training during the summer institute.