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    Outdoor School Classes at Collin County Adventure Camp

    Outdoor School classes are an extension of school curriculum. The students participate in 4 classes while at camp. Each class is approximately 2 ½ hours in length and is taught outdoors. The students have the opportunity to interact with their natural environment and see how they impact it on a daily basis.


    Safety is our first concern, and we remain prepared for any weather conditions. As long as students can be happy and safe outside, the program will include outdoor activities. All YMCA staff members are trained to monitor and recognize severe weather. Cabins and buildings serve as severe weather shelters.

    Forest Adventure

    The Forest Adventure involves hands-on exploration of the forest ecosystem and its place in northern Texas. Students will travel through the forest gathering evidence. They will use this evidence to explain how the parts of an ecosystem are interdependent and what happens to the ecosystem when one of its parts becomes depleted.

    Race Through Time

    Imagine going back in time to a place where the land was wild and untamed. You are on a journey of discovery. You will be competing against your classmates to see who can solve the mysteries of the past. As a group you will have to solve clues to proceed to the next adventure.

    You have ventured from the east to start a new life. You need land that can support your family and your traveling party. Will the land be fertile enough for you to grow your food? Is there enough water to sustain life? These are the questions you will answer as you "Race Through Time”!

    Water Lab and Boating

    The Water Lab / Boating class creates an opportunity for students to interact with the abundance of life in, out and around Lindberg Lake, Collin County Adventure Camp’s very own freshwater ecosystem. Through a variety of explorative, hands-on and inquiry-based activities students will make fascinating discoveries and connections that will guide them toward a greater appreciation of aquatic habitats. The second half of the class the students will have the opportunity to canoe and fish. Students will be required to wear a life vest to participate in these activities. Fishing equipment is provided for the students.

    Challenge Course and Archery

    The Challenge Course and Archery class focuses on the students working together as a cooperative group. Half of the class time students will be working together to solve physical and mental challenges. The second half of the class the students are introduced to the fundamentals of archery. The Y-Staff will instruct students in the safety and fundamental aspects of shooting a bow and arrow.

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