• Advanced Placement (AP)

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    The College Board's Advanced Placement Program enriches the secondary school experience of students ready to apply themselves to challenging courses. Students choosing to enroll in advanced courses benefit from higher cognitive learning experiences that prepare them for the  post-secondary world. At the end of each AP course, students are eligible to take an AP test that may result in college credit. Actual credit is awarded at university and college discretion. Please be sure to communicate with colleges and universities regarding which AP test scores are accepted. 

    Please note that although students are encouraged to sit for the AP exam, it is not a requirement for enrollment. The district recognizes the value of the AP learning experience regardless of the possibility of college credit. 

    AP Fees:

    For the 2017 AP test administration cycle, fees were reduced for students qualifying for free/reduced lunch from $93 to $10. The fee is determined annually and is based on a College Board reduction and state and federal contributions. Students indicate their eligibility when registering for the exam. Campuses are sensitive to families that may need additional help beyond the fee reduction; a student needing additional financial assistance should contact his or her counselor. 

    SAT/ACT Fees:

    Students should go to their counselor to obtain an SAT waiver form. Students are then able to register and submit the waiver by mail or use the code provided on the waiver to register online. Upon submission of the waiver or code, students automatically become eligible for up to two ACT registrations or two SAT registrations and four college application waivers. Students should confirm with each college or university of interest that the institution participates in the SAT waiver program. 


    For more information, please contact the counseling center at your school.