• Computer Science

  • Plano ISD students engage in computational and algorithmic thinking patterns while learning to process information, design software, and apply their knowledge and skills. The emphasis of this program is to teach students how to solve problems and acquire various programming languages while working with computers. 

    Computer Science includes: 

    • programming
    • hardware design
    • networks
    • graphics
    • databases and information retrieval
    • computer security
    • software design
    • programming languages and paradigms
    • logic
    • translation between levels of abstraction
    • cybersecurity
    • artificial intelligence
    • the limits of computations (what computers cannot do)
    • applications in information technology and information systems
    • social issues (Internet security, privacy, intellectual property, etc.)
  • Plano ISD CS News

    Four Computer Science students from Plano East Senior High School participated in HackRice X 2020.  The team composed of Madhu Sharma, Kanishk Garg, Shrey Joshi and Ishaan Javali used machine learning to train a model to detect healthy and Retinopathic eye images and packaged it into an android app which can be used by anyone anywhere. After taking a picture of the eye, the model predicts if your eye is retinopathic or healthy. You can also share the results with your doctor if needed. The team earned second place at HackRice X 2020 and won first place for the D2K challenge. You can see more information here: https://devpost.com/software/diabetic-retinopathy-app. It includes the GitHub of the code and the video used to present this project to the HackRice X judges.

    Here's an announcement from Rice University. 


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