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    Plano ISD Student Support Services Department MISSION

    Plano ISD Student Support Services Department will provide a full continuum of services and supports in order to educate, inspire, and empower every student to achieve their unique potential in a dynamic world.

    This is a site to support parents with students in Special Education.

    Mission Statement

    Special Education Contact List

    Special Education Continuum of Services

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    Important for all Families

    This section includes important resources that are considered to be "top of the list things do to."

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    Digital Resources

     Below are recordings and presentations that Special Education has provided for Parents/Families. The recordings are organized based on the event they were presented at. 

  • 2022-2023 Trainings/Webinars

    Guardianship and Alternatives to Guardianship (11/01/2022)

  • 2021-2022 Trainings/Webinars

    Transitioning to College (2/8/2022):

    • To access the video above please click download.

    Let's Talk Special Needs Planning: Wills, Special Needs Trusts, ABLE Accounts (4/5/2022)

  • Hero Expo Resources (2021 & 2022)

    Decorative superhero with PISD apple logo flying over citySpecial Education Hero Expo Resources


    Every stakeholder is a HERO, and every HERO needs their resources!

    For more information about the Expo, please visit our webpage at:

  • 2020-2021 Lunch Hour Lunch Topics


     Google Classrooms: video recording of lunch topic from: 10/27/2020 with picture of video camera with food background

    Click the image above to view the video recording.

    Video Recording in Spanish

    Link to presentation in the video above: Google Classrooms for Parents


    Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Committee Meeting Essentials for Parents 11/12/12020 Video Recording Coming Soon

    Click the image above to view the video recording in English.

    Video Recording in Spanish

    Link to presentation for the above training: English or Spanish 

    Resolving Issues with Your Child’s School: 3/24/21 12:15 English, 1:30 Spanish Understanding the Transition: 4/21/21 12-1

    Video Recordings from March 24, 2021

    Resource from Training

    Resolving Issues with Your Child’s School
    Dispute Resolution Tips for Parents

    Join us as we discuss strategies for resolving conflicts with your child’s school including which school or district personnel you can contact for information to help resolve or address various issues. Keith Swink and Michelle Rosales from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will provide tips on special education dispute resolution processes, including what issues State Written Complaints can be used to resolve and what some of those resolutions might look like.

    Resolviendo problemas con la escuela de su hijo
    Consejos para padres de resolución de disputas

    Únase a nosotros el mientras discutimos estrategias para resolver conflictos con la escuela de su hijo, incluyendo a qué escuela o personal del distrito puede comunicarse para obtener información que ayude a resolver o abordar varios problemas. Keith Swink y Michelle Rosales de la Agencia de Educación de Texas (TEA, por sus siglas en inglés) brindarán consejos sobre los procesos de resolución de disputas de educación especial, incluidos los problemas que se pueden usar para resolver las quejas escritas del estado y cómo podrían verse algunas de esas resoluciones.


    Video Recordings from April 21, 2021

    Understanding The Transition Process

    Transition planning can be overwhelming for students and families. This session will outline the requirements of transition planning and how to make sure it is a meaningful process. Link to Presentation

    • Transition Requirements/Process
    • Student Involvement
    • Family Involvement

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    General Information

    The sections below provide information regarding special education contact lists, acronyms, evaluations, IDEA, and more.  There are also sections that include information you may need in regard to a particular time of year. 

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    Spotlight Newsletter 

     Special Education newsletters will be posted here. These newsletters are sent through PISD parent communication emails. 

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    The resource section provides links for special education, program, and community resources. 

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    ARD Process 

    In the Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) Process sections you will find links to provide further information about the ARD and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) processes such as the ARD guide and procedural safeguards. 

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    Transition Support 

    Transition Support is for all ages (pre-k to adult). Additional information regarding these transitions by age level is linked below.