• Dual Credit

    Dual Credit courses are college courses taken during high school. Students who successfully complete dual credit courses earn both high school and college credit for one course. Plano ISD partners with Collin County Community College District to offer dual credit courses.

    Plano ISD offers both academic and Workforce Education dual credit courses. College course grades earned in dual credit courses are on the student’s college transcript as well as the high school transcript. There are tuition fees associated with dual credit courses, but students receiving free or reduced lunch benefits may have tuition waived.

    Collin County Community College District and Plano Independent School District Partnership Agreement for 2021-2022

    Benefits of Dual Credit

    Many dual credit courses transfer to Texas public colleges and universities, private institutions, and some out-of-state colleges and universities. Completing dual credit courses can accelerate time to degree completion which also allows students to save money on college tuition. Taking college courses while in high school can help build confidence in students and ease the transition to college, and increases the likelihood of graduating from college.

    Cost of Dual Credit

    At Collin Community College, a 3-credit hour course is $62 per semester hour or $188 per 3-hour class. Students and parents may save significantly on tuition and fees by taking dual credit courses while in high school.

    Dual Credit Forms

    22-23 Dual Credit Contract

    Dual Credit Checklist

    Fillable Collin College Permission Form

    Dual Credit Flyer

    TSIA Testing Information

    Students not eligible for the TSI waiver must take the TSIA. Plano ISD High Schools, Senior Highs, and Academy High School offer students the opportunity to test the TSIA on campus. Please visit our TSIA Resource page for testing dates and more information.


  • Dual Credit Courses offered in Plano ISD

    Plano ISD Course Name

    Collin College Course Name

    Grade Offered

    English Language Dual Credit

    ENGL 1301/ENGL 1302

    11 - 12

    English Literature Dual Credit

    ENGL 2332/ENGL 2333


    Pre-Calculus Dual Credit

    MATH 1314/MATH 2412

    10 - 12

    Statistics Dual Credit

    MATH 1342

    11 - 12

    Multivariable Calculus

    MATH 2320/MATH 2415

    11 - 12

    Biology Dual Credit

    BIOL 1406/BIOL 1407


    US History Dual Credit

    HIST 1301/HIST 1302

    11 - 12

    Government Dual Credit

    GOVT 2305


    Economics Dual Credit

    ECON 2301


    Speech (HSA students only)