• Find Your Future

    Plano Independent School District offers a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning, providing opportunities for all students to experience success beyond graduation.

    Planning Your Pathway

    The Academic Guide and Course Catalog have been prepared to assist students in making wise decisions concerning programs and course choices during their secondary years.

    Course Catalog  

    The course catalog is a thorough listing of all the courses that students can select in the planning process.  The catalog includes a description of each course and its requirements in the secondary program. Parents and students are urged to:

    • Review the information carefully,
    • Work closely with school counselors to
      • Develop educational plans that meet their academic needs and
      • Ensure they are aligned with their postsecondary interests.  

    Academic Guide

    The Academic Guide serves as a resource for students and parents to help them understand and navigate the options and decisions that students need to make as they create their educational plans. Learn about resources, tools to help you, recommendations by grade level to stay on-track, and program options - the Academic Guide provides a wealth of information to help you as you make critical decisions about your pathway to graduation and beyond.

    Plano ISD has many opportunities and programs that students may choose from.  Knowing the options available allows students to make informed decisions.

    With careful and thoughtful planning, along with strong communication with teachers, counselors, administrative staff, and parents, students will be well on their way to achieving success in a Plano ISD secondary school.


  • High School Courses

    Plano ISD courses are listed below.  Click on the icons below.

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Activity Electives
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Fine Arts
  • Health
  • Journalism
  • Languages Other Than English
  • Other Academic Electives
  • Speech

  • Middle School Courses

    For a quick view of our programs and courses offered, click on the icons below.

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Fine Arts
  • Health
  • Languages Other Than English
  • Other Academic Electives
  • Physical Education

  • Specialized Academies and Programs

    For a quick view of our programs and courses offered, click on the icons below.

  • Academy High School
  • Health Sciences Industries
  • Industries Academy
  • IB School
  • Plano Wildcat Collegiate Academy
  • eSchool
  • TONI&GUY™ Cosmetology Program
  • Archived Course Catalogs

Campus Counselor Search

  • All
  • Aldridge Elementary
  • Andrews Elementary
  • Armstrong M.S.
  • Barksdale Elementary
  • Barron Elementary
  • Beaty Early Childhood
  • Bethany Elementary
  • Beverly Elementary
  • Boggess Elementary
  • Bowman M.S.
  • Brinker Elementary
  • Carlisle Elementary
  • Carpenter M.S.
  • Centennial Elementary
  • Christie Elementary
  • Clark H.S.
  • Daffron Elementary
  • Davis Elementary
  • Dooley Elementary
  • Forman Elementary
  • Frankford M.S.
  • Guinn Secondary Special Programs
  • Gulledge Elementary
  • Haggar Elementary
  • Haggard M.S.
  • Harrington Elementary
  • Haun Elementary
  • Head Start
  • Hedgcoxe Elementary
  • Hendrick M.S.
  • Hickey Elementary
  • Hightower Elementary
  • Huffman Elementary
  • Hughston Elementary
  • Hunt Elementary
  • Isaacs Early Childhood
  • Jackson Elementary
  • Jasper H.S.
  • Mathews Elementary
  • McCall Elementary
  • McMillen H.S.
  • Meadows Elementary
  • Memorial Elementary
  • Mendenhall Elementary
  • Miller Elementary
  • Mitchell Elementary
  • Murphy M.S.
  • Otto M.S.
  • Pearson Early Childhood
  • Plano East Senior High
  • Plano ISD Academy High School
  • Plano Senior High
  • Plano West Senior High
  • Rasor Elementary
  • Renner M.S.
  • Rice M.S.
  • Robinson M.S.
  • Saigling Elementary
  • Schell Elementary
  • Schimelpfenig M.S.
  • Shepard Elementary
  • Shepton H.S.
  • Sigler Elementary
  • Skaggs Elementary
  • Stinson Elementary
  • Student Support Counselor
  • Thomas Elementary
  • Vines H.S.
  • Weatherford Elementary
  • Wells Elementary
  • Williams H.S.
  • Wilson M.S.
  • Wyatt Elementary

Navigating the Course Catalog & Academic Guide