• eSchool Courses & Registration 

    Select the subject area on the Course Catalog Menu to the left to find a detailed description of each course and to register.

    eSchool registration is ongoing; register anytime!

    • Register no more than one week before you wish to begin your online course. 
    • Make certain that courses are approved for credit by your school counselor.
    • Do not register for both semesters of the same course at the same time. You must finish first semester before you register for second semester.

    Tip: Registration works best on a computer (not a mobile device)!

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  • How to Register for eSchool Courses

    Select the subject area on the Course Catalog Menu to the left to find a detailed description of each course and the registration link.

  • Senior Deadlines

    cap and diploma

    Seniors Graduating in June 

    • April 30 - Last day to register for eSchool courses
    • May 14 - Completion Deadline for eSchool courses


  • eSchool Summer Registration

    eSchool Summer Session


    Registration for eSchool summer courses begins on May 3. Students will need to register by May 21 to ensure they are enrolled in time for the start of the summer session.

    Session Dates

    June 1 - July 31

    Things to Consider

    • Students needing to complete their summer eSchool courses prior to the start of the 2022-2023 school year need to be finished by July 31.
    • Students working on courses that won't impact their fall schedule may continue with their courses into the school year.
    • If students need, or want, to take both semesters of the same course, then they will need to finish the first semester course by June 26.
    • Students cannot take both semesters of a course at the same time.

  • eSchool Summer FAQs

    I need to earn credit for a year-long course before school starts. When I do I need to register?

    Register for semester 1 of your course by May 21. You will be expected to begin work ASAP (once you receive your welcome letter). You need to complete semester 1 by June 26.

    You will need to complete semester 2 of your course by July 31. 

     I only need to earn one semester of credit over the summer. When do I need to register?

    Register before June 25. You will be expected to begin your course when you receive your enrollment information, so plan to register about a week before you want to begin to allow the eSchool office time to process your registration.  

    Can I start my summer eSchool course before the end of the 2021-22 school year?

    It depends. You must have FINISHED any prerequisite courses before you register. For example, you cannot register for Algebra II before you have finished Algebra I. Check with your school counselor.

    I don't need to earn my credit before school starts in August. Do I have a registration deadline?

    No. Register anytime! You will begin your course when you receive your enrollment information. You will have up to 18 weeks to complete your course.

    When do I need to have my summer eSchool course complete to earn my credit before school starts?

    You will need to complete your course by July 31 so that the eSchool office has time to report your completion to your home campus. Your counselor will then be able to adjust your schedule for the upcoming school year accordingly. 

    Do I need permission from my counselor to take summer courses via eSchool?

    Yes. Please check with your counselor before registering for eSchool. The eSchool office will verify your enrollment with your counselor.

    I will be going on vacation this summer. Can I still take an eSchool course?

    Absolutely! One of the great things about eSchool is that you can access your course anywhere you have an internet connection! You may need to work over your vacation to meet your completion deadline. Be sure to communicate with your teacher and plan your work schedule accordingly. 

  • Please Note that the information below is for the eSchool Office. To contact Plano ISD's main line, please call 469-752-8100.

    For Course or Registration Information

    Contact the eSchool office

    Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00pm

    PISD Contact: 469-752-8100

    eSchool Office: 469-752-3996