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    Course Description

    Course Cost: $300.00 - Credit: .5

    Meet with your campus counselor before you register for an online course.

    Course Materials:

    No textbook required.
    The student is required to create and submit a 5-7 minute video. Therefore, a video camera, smartphone or similar device is required in this course. The student can check one out from the school library if none of the above is available.

    Course Description:

    This Professional Communications course is designed to prepare students for effective communication practices in the professional environment by developing interpersonal and intrapersonal skills holistically. Students will prepare and present various oral and written assignments to fulfill the requirements set forth by the Texas State Board of Education. The course covers verbal, written, and electronic communication used in various situations, but especially in a professional setting. As rapidly as corporate systems are evolving, they continue to demand strong leadership skills, verbal and non-verbal skills, listening skills and critical thinking; this course will facilitate the beginning of a life-long ability to serve as a competent communicator in the ever-changing professional environment.

    Detailed Course Syllabus and Correlations to State and National Standards