The District offers an online payment system for School Lunches, Fare Busing, Early Childhood Tuition, Adventure Camp, and Off-Campus PE payments.   PayPAMS is the preferred method of payment by parents.

    About PayPAMS

    PayPAMS was first utilized by the District at the beginning of the 2006–07 school year.  The continued success of this payment system is attributed to all the features offered to parents and the "user friendly" design. The District will continue to absorb all service fees associated with this system. 

    PayPAMS Features

    PayPAMS offers PISD parents a robust on-line payment option:


    • E-mail confirmation notification of payments
    • Account balances updated 2 times per day
    • Low-Balance email notification (below $10)
    • Repetitive automatic payment option
    • Payment by phone option
    • Balance transfer from year-to-year
    • Universal permanent PIN number
    • Parent monitoring of student meals
    • Ability to view account balance
    • Ability to view payment history

    Fare Busing, Early Childhood Tuition, Adventure Camp & Off-Campus PE

    • E-mail confirmation notification of payments
    • Ability to view payment history

    The District is pleased to be able to offer this full service comprehensive on-line payment option totally free to all Plano ISD parents.

    Using PayPAMS

    • First-time Registration - When using PayPAMS for the first time, the parent must register. Once registration is completed, there will be a one-time 24-hour delay before the parent will be able to see their child’s account lunch balance. After that time, account payments will be posted two times per day. To register, go online to: https://paypams.com 
    • PIN Number For Lunches- For ease of use, the students’ Universal PIN Number is the same as their Student ID Number.
    • For Pearson Early Childhood parents, you will need to contact the cafeteria manager at (972) 752-4308, to begin meal services or to make changes to the services.


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