• Roles and Responsibilities

  • Sponsors and Campus Administrators

    Coach, Sponsor or Director

    Your program coach/sponsor/director serves as the liaison between the club and the school, under the direct supervision of the principal. The coach/sponsor/director is responsible for determining the program activities with the approval of the principal. The coach/sponsor/director should work closely with the Booster Club during the budget cycle to avoid cost overruns and to ensure program needs are met. The coach/sponsor/director is prohibited from serving as an officer of a Booster Club or being an authorized signer on a club bank account. Cooperative partnerships work best when lines of communication between the coach/sponsor/director and club are open and as a result, will foster an environment of trust and ultimately, success.

    Principal and District Administrators

    The Principal is responsible for approving the formation of a Booster Club as well as club fundraising activities. The Principal should be welcome at club meetings (but is not required to attend) and must approve any activity of the club that affects the school (i.e., fundraising on school property, banquets or other events). Booster Clubs do not have the authority to direct the duties of a school district employee nor do Booster Clubs have the authority to spend money for the school's benefit without the knowledge and approval of the Principal. The scheduling of contests, rules for participation, and all other criteria dealing with school programs are under the jurisdiction of the local school administration. If the principal determines that the Booster Club, ​an officer(s), or member(s), are not functioning in a way consistent with school or district policiesUIL Rules or IRS Regulations, the principal has the authority​ to remove individual members, officers or the current board of directors, or if necessary dissolve the Booster Club at any time.

    Non-Voting Ex-Officio Membership

    All active coaches/sponsors/directors, the Principal (or designee) shall automatically be considered as non-voting, ex-officio members of the association. The Principal, or designee other than the coach/sponsor/director, should be invited to all meetings. All meetings of the organization should be open to the public.

  • Booster Club Officers

    Only active members of a Booster Club that are in good standing with the organization shall be permitted to hold a booster club office. At a minimum, the organization must have three officers (President and Treasurer are required). Term limits for officers should be defined in your bylaws; otherwise, the District requests that officers serve no more than two years in the same office on the board of a Booster Club. Clubs may vote to temporarily extend the position to a third term if evidence is provided that shows no other alternative.

  • President

    The president of a Booster Club has prior experience with the club. The major duties include, but are not limited to:  

    • Perform duties as outlined in the bylaws of the organization
    • Preside at all meetings of the organization
    • Regularly meet with the Sponsor or Campus Administrator regarding booster activities
    • Regularly meet with the Treasurer of the club to review the organization’s financial position  
    • Resolve problems in membership

  • Vice-President

    The vice-president acts as the president’s representative in his/her absence. The vice-president must remain familiar with the organization’s day-to-day operations in order to be an engaged leader. Larger Booster Clubs may wish to elect multiple vice-president (or co-presidents) with responsibilities covering specific areas (e.g., VP of Fundraising, VP of Advertising, etc.). Such responsibilities should be defined in your bylaws. The major duties include, but are not limited to the following:  

    • Preside at meetings in the absence of the president  
    • Perform administrative functions as delegated by the president  
    • Perform other specific duties as outlined in the bylaws of the organization

  • Treasurer

    The most active and perhaps time consuming job in a club is the role of Treasurer. Therefore, carefully consider the following list before applying for this role. The Treasurer is ultimately responsible for assuring that all financial records are maintained and taxes are filed on time to avoid penalties and loss of exemption. The Treasurer is the authorized custodian of the funds of the Booster Club. The major duties include, but are not limited to:  

    • Manage all money associated with the club
    • Maintain an accurate account of all money received and distributed  
    • Prepare the club’s annual budget (work with the sponsor/coach) and seek voter approval annually  
    • Issue a receipt for all monies received  
    • Deposit funds within 7 days of receipt
    • Reconcile bank statements within one month of receipt and resolve any discrepancies immediately  
    • Present detailed monthly financial reports to the club – Copies of supporting material should be available for review by the general membership if requested and questions answered promptly. Copies of monthly financial reports should be kept by the activity sponsor. These must be provided upon request.
    • File Sales & Use Tax or Franchise Tax with the Texas Comptroller’s office (quarterly, or annually)  
    • File annual IRS federal tax Form 990, 990-N (e-postcard) or 990-EZ within 4 ½ months of the Booster Club’s fiscal year end  
    • Submit records to audit committee appointed by the organization at the end of the year  
    • Other specific duties as outlined in the bylaws of the organization

  • Secretary

    The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records at club meetings (i.e., minutes) and providing monthly meeting minutes to the club members. The secretary should have a thorough understanding of proper meeting procedures (i.e., Robert’s Rules of Order).  The major duties include, but are not limited to the following:  

    • Record meeting minutes
    • Understand bylaws and standing committee rules
    • Keep current membership lists
    • Record meeting attendance and committee listings
    • Correspond regularly with all members of the Booster Club (e.g., newsletter, etc.)

  • Chaperones

    Plano ISD seeks to create a safe place for students, free from crime, violence, drugs and abuse. Pursuant to the Texas Education Code the Plano Independent School District conducts screenings for any record of criminal history.

    The district shall obtain the criminal history record of prospective volunteers who will be working with students, including, but not limited to camp counselors, mentors, tutors, field trip sponsors, overnight trip sponsors, any volunteers who will have access to student information, and volunteers who work on a regular basis with students.

    In addition to the criminal history check reference above, chaperones must submit a release from liability form prior to traveling with any student group. Release of Liability form

    All volunteer records are inactivated June 30 of each year. All volunteers must reapply after July 1 of each year to be considered for volunteer opportunities. Learn more about volunteering.

    Volunteer Form

  • Members

    The Booster Club works through and cooperatively with the coach/sponsor/director to provide assistance for the planned activities of the student group. “Membership” should be defined in your club bylaws. Only active members should have the ability to vote or hold an office. Unrelated individuals may volunteer for a club, but cannot vote or hold an office. Membership dues are not a requirement for participation in a booster club nor should the absence of such dues exclude a child from participating in a club or program sponsored event. Family members should not serve simultaneously as officers, unless sharing responsibilities of a single office, as this presents a conflict of interest.

    Members of a booster club many not speak or represent themselves on the behalf of the District or District employees. Members may further the public’s awareness of a club but public speaking responsibilities are to be performed by a school district employee. Please be mindful that community outreach is different than fundraising. Community outreach should be conducted to raise awareness of the club. Fundraising or solicitation of funds should not be a part of this message.

  • Recommended Communication Channels

    Knowing who to go to with a question or concern can be challenging. This document is meant to guide Booster Club members and officers to the most appropriate individual, organization or resource for various situations.

    Where to Go



    • Scheduling of events
    • Program needs
    • Instructional concerns
    • Coaching decisions
    • Student selection criteria
    • UIL eligibility and rules


    • Fundraising approvals
    • Donations & Purchasing for the program
    • Sponsor concerns
    • Program concerns
    • Rules violations
    • By-laws changes

    District Department

    • Program questions
    • Curricular questions
    • By-laws changes
    • Financial practices & reporting questions

    Fraud Hotline

    • Suspected misuse or misappropriation on club funds

    Tip Line

    • Student safety concerns (threats, bullying, drug use, suspected abuse or neglect, etc)


    • Non-Profit Status
    • Tax reporting requirements
    • Tax filing questions

  • Contact Us
    For questions about Booster Club guidelines please contact your Club sponsor first, then your campus principal, for any additional questions please contact the following departments:

    Finance: (469) 752-8228
    Purchasing: (469) 752-0286
    Athletics: (469) 752-1080
    Fine Arts: (469) 752-3084