• Communication 

  • Communication

    With principal approval, booster club messaging may be included in the following campus communication tools. Booster clubs should work with principals to determine how to best communicate with the school community and staff.

    • eNews
    • Website
    • Social media
    • Public address (PA) system
    • School marquees
    • Y/O packets (i.e., Thursday folders or electronic equivalent)
    • News media
    • Meetings
    • Phone messaging system

    Booster clubs can submit news and photos to the Plano ISD communications department for consideration in district publications. (Signed publication release forms must be on file for all students featured.) The communications department is unable to advertise fundraisers for individual booster clubs.

  • Webpages and Social Media

    School websites may post the link for the booster club to direct parents to the organization website for communication and information.

    Booster organizations should create and maintain websites and social media accounts that are separate from those of the school or school program. The organization’s Board of Directors is responsible for the content of these sites

    See the highlighted section in the attached CQ(EXHIBIT B) stating:
    "Booster organizations, PTA, and the like may post their pages on their school's website following the same protocol and guidelines presented in this document."

  • Media

    Booster clubs are encouraged to share their news with local media provided that:

    • Media presence at campuses during the instructional day is coordinated through the Plano ISD communications department and with the principal’s approval.
    • Signed publication release forms are on file with the booster clubs for any student featured.

    Additional resource: PTA Info can be viewed on the Plano ISD Council of PTAs website

  • Student Information and Privacy

    The district is responsible for protecting the privacy of children whose parents have requested privacy restrictions regarding release of photos or other identifying information. (Policy FL)

    Before posting anything in printed material, or in any media context, ensure that the parent or legal guardian of the student completes a photo or video release form.  While such material may be used to promote your booster club or solicit donations, you must respect the privacy of all students, parents or guardians and obtain their approval before distributing their photo or name.  You may create your own form but may not “piggyback” off the District Media Release. As with the District’s social media guidelines, respect for students, parents and our community members is expected. All aspects of social media etiquette is required of all Booster Clubs at all times and subject to scrutiny if District Administrators are notified of violations.

    Click here to download a sample publicity release form which can be customized to meet the needs of your club.

  • Trademark

    The district claims exclusive ownership of all PISD trademarks, even if they are not registered. The applicable policy is CY (LOCAL), which applies to all PISD intellectual property, registered and unregistered, and includes the following provisions:

    All copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights shall remain with the district at all times.

    The district grants permission to students, student organizations, parent organizations and other district affiliated school-support or booster organizations to use, without charge, district and campus trademarks to promote a group of students, an activity or event, a campus, or the district, if the use is in furtherance of school-related business or activity.  The Superintendent or designee shall determine what constitutes use in furtherance of school-related business or activity and is authorized to revoke permission if the use is improper or does not conform to administrative regulations.

    Members of the general public, outside organizations, vendors, commercial manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers shall not use district trademarks without the written permission of the Superintendent or designee.  Any production of merchandise with district trademarks for sale or distribution must be pursuant to a trademark licensing agreement and may be subject to the payment of royalties.

    Any individual, organization, or business that uses District trademarks without appropriate authorization shall be subject to legal action.
    District practice is not to share or authorize the use of logos with third parties regardless of trademark status.  

    Booster clubs should aquire logos directly from campuses.

    Copyright Cautions

    Booster Clubs are responsible for compliance with all copyright laws when posting images or video of students. See information below. The following types of work are subject to copyright: Audiovisual works, sounds recordings, musical compositions, visual works, video games, computer software, and dramatic works. In some circumstances, it is possible to use a copyright-protected work without infringing the owner’s copyright.

    In general, posting performance videos on social media or YouTube requires the permission of the copyright holder of the works being presented.  While the purchase of the printed music provides the school program with the rights to perform the work live, the recording (either audio or video) is heavily controlled by copyright legislation. Theatrical rights purchased through royalties general prohibit video of any kind. Using copyrighted music as a “soundtrack” to user created video is also subject to copyright. The organization assumes responsibility for any copyright infringement created by the use, reproduction or posting of student performances on the club’s social media account.

    Recommended Copyright Resources

  • Contact Us
    For questions about Booster Club guidelines please contact your Club sponsor first, then your campus principal, for any additional questions please contact the following departments:

    Finance: (469) 752-8228
    Purchasing: (469) 752-0286
    Athletics: (469) 752-1080
    Fine Arts: (469) 752-3084