• Viewing Student Grades

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    Getting Started

    Parent Access

    Parents must have a Parent Portal account before viewing student grades online.

    A Parent Portal account will allow you to view grades from Parent Portal or from the Plano ISD App.

    Student Access

    • Students can login to Pinnacle Gradebook from the Pinnacle tile in WebDesk.
    • Students can install the PISD Mobile app on their phone and login using their district network login.
  • Progress Reports

    Parent Guidance for Viewing Student Progress in Pinnacle for Grades 3-12

    With recent policy changes to our grading practices during remote learning, traditional progress reports generated through Pinnacle will not reflect how we are measuring progress and determining mastery for the 4th Nine Weeks grading period. 

    We are not using number grades, per the Grading Guidelines for Remote Learning, so what you see in Pinnacle will look a little different this grading period. 

    The following indicators will be used to communicate progress: 

    • MS: Your student has turned in the assignment and “Met Standard”
    • NM: Your student has turned in the assignment and did not “Meet Standard”
    • Blank: Your student has not yet completed or turned in this assignment, and the teacher can not evaluate their progress.

    For questions regarding individual assignments or your student’s progress, please reach out to their teacher.

    Use the instructions below to log in to Pinnacle in order to see your student’s progress in the fourth nine weeks.

  • ParentPortal

    1. Parents will login to Parent Portal (https://parentportal.pisd.edu).
    2. Click the Login to Gradebook button.
      Parent Portal screenshot to login to Gradebook
    3. Click the 4th Nine Week average box even though it appears blank. 
      Parent Portal 4th Nine Weeks average location
    4. Assignments will appear for the parents that show the MS or NM assignment grades.
      Parent Portal grade

  • PISD Mobile App

    1. Open the Plano ISD app on your phone.
    2. Login (if you haven’t already done so)
      1. Parents - log in using your Parent Portal login.
      2. Students - log in using your district computer login and password.
    3. Tap your student’s picture.
    4. Tap Classes.
      Mobile App Classes
    5. Tap on a Class.
      Mobile App list of classes
    6. Tap Assignments.
      Mobile App Assignments location
    7. Graded assignments will show an MS or NM assignment grade.
      Mobile App graded assignments