• 2020-21 Planning Task Force

    In addition to researching scenarios and collaborating with the Texas Education Agency and other state and local agencies to date, we have assembled a Fall 2020-21 Planning Task Force that has been working on the development of plans in these key areas:

  • Safety & Operations

    Focused on what is necessary to safely operate facilities, transportation, food services, school day schedules, extra/co-curricular activities, custodial service, hygiene/personal protection equipment, automated school procedures, student and family services, daily campus activities, and a host of logistical needs for campus and district operations. 

  • Learning & Teaching

    Focused on the development of a “return to instruction plan” that can adjust/flex between face-to-face, hybrid/blended learning, and full remote to provide instructional continuity in either the school or home setting including synchronous and asynchronous learning, with consistent, high expectations for learning and teaching and incorporating support for students with specialized learning needs. The curriculum focus will include adjusting the scope and sequence to incorporate essential standards from the last nine weeks into the fall semester while assessing academically vulnerable students to ensure proper intervention and support. 

  • Training

    Focused on identifying training needs and providing professional learning to staff in preparation for fall, as well as training for parents and students on essential safety protocols. 

  • Human Resources & Health Services

    Focused on developing guidance and protocols related to the expectations and rights of district personnel and students to return safely to work and school. 

  • Technology & Information

    Focused on Internet/technology access, learning platforms, email, website, technology solutions and communications plans.

  • Task Force Members


    • Superintendent Sara Bonser
    • Dr. Theresa Williams
    • Randy McDowell
    • Dan Armstrong
    • Dr. Beth Brockman
    • Dr. Kary Cooper
    • Dr. Courtney Gober
    • Dr. Katrina Hasley
    • Dr. Dash Weerasinghe
    • Lesley Range-Stanton
    • Dr. Selenda Anderson
    • Dr. Saul Laredo
    • Gloria Martinez
    • William McLaughlin
    • Jill Stoker
    • Staci Antelo
    • Ivan Cantu
    • Janna Crow
    • Dr. Rhonda Davis
    • Matt Frey
    • Robin Garcia
    • Talle Gomez
    • Jana Hancock
    • Ashley Helms
    • Ashley Hipp
    • Jeremy Kondrat
    • Kathy Kuddes
    • Jun Melvin
    • Joseph Parks
    • Clint Poole
    • Juan Ramos
    • Megan Schuler
    • Courtney Reeves
    • Dr. Matthew Sipes
    • Mark Skinner
    • Jeff Smith
    • Laurie Taylor
    • Principal Groups
    • Teacher Groups
    • Staff Groups

  • Health and Safety

    We will continue to put families and safety at the forefront of our planning. We are committed to providing safe and clean learning environments where students can learn and grow together. All appropriate precautions and protocols will be in place.

    We are committed to opening school with guidelines that prioritize public health and that protect our students and staff to the extent possible during this public health crisis. Detailed health and safety guidelines are being developed with input from our Parent Advisory Group. 

  • Parent Choice

    The feedback received so far indicates some parents are concerned about the possible state of the pandemic in fall and are interested in educational choices for their children, including learning from home; while other parents are hopeful that we will return to a more traditional classroom setting. In preparation for the start of a new school year, we are working on plans to provide traditional face-to-face learning options, as well as at-home learning options that will allow students to remain enrolled in Plano ISD with all the benefits and support available in a strong, competitive public school system. 

  • Innovation

    We are committed to learning from our remote learning experiences this spring and seek to improve our instructional practices as well as define clear expectations for high-quality learning regardless of what format learning takes: face-to-face classroom learning, remote learning or a combination of both. This will certainly mean the use of innovative scheduling and new technology tools. To truly serve students in meeting their academic and social-emotional needs, we must provide students and teachers with an avenue for engagement, connection and interaction. We know that in order to improve upon our current practices, we must be creative and innovative in planning a new type of learning environment.

  • Communication

    We will continue to seek feedback from stakeholders as we evaluate options for the fall including what a school day would look like, student activities and safety protocols. Please monitor the district website and your email for information about these feedback opportunities. Be assured that we will keep you informed along the way as decisions are made.

  • Equity

    We know that education is not a one-size-fits-all opportunity. As we plan for next year, we know each school in Plano ISD might require slightly different approaches to teaching and learning based on the unique student enrollment at each school. It will be our goal to provide an equitable, differentiated learning experience designed to meet the needs of each student. 

  • School Calendar

    One of the first decisions in planning for the 2020-21 school year is considering the District calendar. Plano ISD will proceed with the adopted school calendar for 2020-21. With our goal to have an instructional plan that allows us to move between face-to-face and remote learning, the District will not modify currently adopted calendar. Should a prolonged school closure become necessary, the District can revisit the calendar at that time. Further, students who need additional time/learning support can be accommodated without changing the adopted calendar.