• What is the enrollment criteria for admission into the Virtual Academy?

    Plano ISD must adhere to the virtual learning criteria outlined in Senate Bill 15. To be eligible, students must fulfill the enrollment requirements of SB 15:

    • Currently enrolled in Plano ISD
    • Attendance rate of at least 90% for the 2020-2021 school year 
    • Passed /promoted from previous school year 
    • Passed all previous STAAR exams or district assessment if STAAR was not taken (Parents of special education students who wish to apply for Virtual Academy should do so, then an ARD committee meeting will be held to consider your child's individual needs and opportunity to participate in the Virtual Academy.)   
    • In person participation for state testing 
    • Plano ISD’s Virtual Academy will only serve students in Kindergarten through grade 6 (SB 15 does not include provisions for pre-kindergarten or early childhood students)

    In addition to the state criteria, Plano ISD has added the following expectations to ensure student’s success in the program:

    • Follow all Plano ISD policies and Student Code of Conduct
    • Parent/guardian agrees to serve as home learning coach by providing consistent in-home support to maintain high levels of daily engagement 
    • Maintain an active Parent Portal account
    • Agree to Plano ISD transfer guidelines
    • Active participation with camera on during live teaching, testing, or as requested by the instructor

  • Will students be allowed to transfer to and from the Virtual Academy during the school year?

    • Students enrolled in the Virtual Academy will follow Plano ISD Transfer Guidelines. 

  • Will PACE and G/T services be offered at the Virtual Academy?

    • Students who are identified and receive PACE services will receive gifted services through Virtual Academy.

  • How will Virtual Academy courses be different from the same courses offered in a face-to-face environment?

    • The Virtual Academy will be similar to Plano ISD’s School@Home model from the 2020-2021 school year.
    • The Virtual Academy offers both synchronous and asynchronous instruction throughout the day.
    • The methods of instruction and assessment may vary to account for the affordances and constraints of each unique environment, but student outcomes and expectations, by design, will be the same whether experienced online or in-person.

  • What if my child needs technology equipment?

    Plano ISD will provide necessary technology to any student who does not otherwise have access to the required equipment.  In addition to a mobile device (e.g. Chromebook, laptop), some students may also be eligible to receive a WiFi hotspot for the purpose of connecting to the Internet for academic purposes.  More details will be included in the welcome letter each student and family will receive before the start of school.

  • Will my child still be enrolled at their home campus?

    Students accepted into the full-time virtual option will be transferred from their home campus to the Plano ISD Virtual Academy.  Plano ISD teachers will be providing support.

  • Do students in the Virtual Academy work at their own pace, or do they follow a daily bell schedule?

    • The Virtual Academy offers both synchronous and asynchronous learning throughout the day. A schedule of synchronous lesson times will be posted in your child's Canvas classroom.

  • Will Virtual Academy students be required to take the same assessments as students in other Plano ISD schools?

    • Students attending virtual school will follow the same calendar for local, state, and national assessments.  As appropriate to the student's grade level, course enrollment and other relevant criteria, the assessments will include, but not be limited to, the following:
      • STAAR (Secure)
      • TELPAS (Secure)
      • Las Links (Secure)
      • MAP (online remote testing available)
      • CogAT (online remote testing available) 

    • Testing Locations:
      • Some assessments will require a secure, on-campus testing environment.  When these circumstances arise, we will communicate dates, times and locations.   Assessments that do not require a secure environment may be administered at home or from any Internet-connected computer.

  • Will English Language Learners, students receiving Special Education services, and/or students served through Section 504 be able to participate in Plano ISD's Virtual Academy?

    Yes.  However, when applicable, the Language Proficiency Assessment Committee, ARD and/or Section 504 Committees may also recommend appropriate school or program placements.