• Graphic Design and Interactive Media - Video Game Programming

    The Design and Multimedia Arts program of study explores the occupations and educational opportunities associated with designing or creating graphics to meet specific commercial or promotional needs, such as packaging, displays, or logos. This program of study may also include exploration into designing clothing and accessories, and creating special effects, animation, or other visual images using film, video, computers, or other electronic tools and media, for use in computer games, movies, music videos, and commercials.

  • The Arts, A/V Technology, and CommunicationsThe Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications (AAVTC) Career Cluster focuses on careers in designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing, and publishing multimedia content including visual and performing arts and design, journalism, and entertainment services. Careers in the AAVTC career cluster require a creative aptitude, a strong background in computer and technology applications, a strong academic foundation, and a proficiency in oral and written communication.

  • Meets the requirements of the Business and Industry endorsement. Business Industries

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    Level 1

    Course: 40380Q SEMESTER
    Principles of Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications
    Credit: 1
    Grade: 7 - 10
    Course Key:  40380Q
    Course Name:  Principles of Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications
    Credit: 1
    Grade: 7 - 10

    Required Prerequisite(s): None

    Certification(s): N/A

    Students will be expected to develop an understanding of the various and multifaceted career opportunities related to the arts, audio/video technology, and communications career cluster. During this course, students will examine a wide range of concepts including copyright, safety and technology, photography, principles of design, audio video production, animation, and fashion design.

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    Course: 40360Q SEMESTER
    Video Game Design
    Credit: 1
    Grade: 9 - 12
    Course Key:  40360Q
    Course Name:  Video Game Design
    Credit: 1
    Grade: 9 - 12

    Required Prerequisite(s): None

    Certification(s): N/A

    This course will allow students to explore one of the largest industries in the field of technology. Students will learn gaming, computerized gaming, evolution of gaming, and artistic aspects of perspective, design, and animation. Technical concepts of collision theory and programming logic will be covered in this course. Students will participate in a simulation of real video game design while developing technical proficiency in constructing an original 2D game design.

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    Level 2

    Course: 558201 FULL YEAR
    Video Game Programming
    Credit: 1
    Grade: 10 - 12
    Course Key:  558201
    Course Name:  Video Game Programming
    Credit: 1
    Grade: 10 - 12

    Required Prerequisite(s): Video Game Design Recommended

    Certification(s): N/A

    This course expands on the foundation created in Video Game Design through programming languages such as: C#, XNA game studio, Java, and Android App. In this course, students investigate the inner workings of a fully functional role-playing game (RPG) by customizing playable characters, items, maps, and chests and eventually applying customizations by altering and enhancing the core game code.

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    Level 3

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    Level 4

    Course: 553801 FULL YEAR
    Career Preparation I
    Credit: 3
    Grade: 11 - 12
    Course Key:  553801
    Course Name:  Career Preparation I
    Credit: 3
    Grade: 11 - 12

    Required Prerequisite(s): 16 years of age

    Certification(s): N/A

    This course provides opportunities for students to participate in a work-based learning experience that combines classroom instruction with paid business and industry employment experiences. Classroom experiences include: job acquisition, career progression, financial success, business/entrepreneurial applications, occupational safety and health, and relevant news topics. Professional portfolios will be created with material supporting an educational/career plan for the future.Students will earn 3.0 credits for successful completion of this course which includes one class period per school day on campus and two class periods per school day allocated for early release for off campus work experience.

    Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Distributive Education Clubs of America Transportation will be needed.