• 5th Grade

    5th Grade



    Lunch 12:45pm-1:15pm
    Recess 10:30am -11:00am

  • Fifth Grade Curriculum

    Fifth grade students at Forman Elementary School are offered a variety of experiences in order to further their educational development and maturity. In order to facilitate these goals, they receive instruction in reading, mathematics, spelling, writing, and an integrated curriculum in science and social studies. The reading program is designed to promote developmental skills such as generalization, inference, and comparison/contrast through the utilization of short stories and novels. Decimals, fractions, metrics, geometry, and pre-algebra are tools which students learn to use in order to solve problems through the mathematics curriculum. Finally, an integrated curriculum teaches an overview of the scientific procedure and national development.

    In addition, fifth grade students participate in Collin County Adventure Camp, an environmental camp experience for three days each year; Immigration Day, a simulation of the immigration experience of the early 1900's, and Safety Patrol and Library Leaders, year-long leadership experiences.

    Our ultimate goal is to produce independent learners with all the skills necessary to be successful in life.

  • First Nine Weeks

    During the first nine week period of school, fifth grade students will focus on developing communication skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and integrated curriculum. In writing, personal narratives will be used to develop compound and complex sentence structures. Reading provides experiences in understanding the author's use of story elements, setting/character, cause/effect, and prediction.

    In Math - students study the relationship between whole numbers and decimals in order to compare, order, and round them. I addition, they explore problem-solving strategies and introductory algebra.

  • Second Nine Weeks

    During the second nine week period of school, fifth grade students will focus on developing and understanding the interaction between systems. In writing, editorials, persuasive, and explanatory writing will be used to develop the student's ability to communicate this interaction. Reading will provide the opportunity for students to make predictions, form generalizations, and distinguish between fact and non-fact.

    In Math - Students will identify prime and composite numbers using models and patterns, make generalizations from patterns and sets of examples, and communicate their problem-solving abilities through logical reasoning.

  • Third Nine Weeks

    During this nine week period of school, fifth grade students will focus on developing balance and stability in academics. In writing, students will explore expository writing with the assistance of graphic aids. Reading provides the opportunity to develop judgments, decisions, and conclusions in their reading. In addition, the students will learn to differentiate between important and unimportant information.

    In Math - Students began a study of fractions. This includes comparisons and order in a variety of problem-solving situations using various models and methods.

  • Fourth Nine Weeks

    The last nine week period has fifth grade students focusing on variables and diversity. In writing, the focus is upon revision and elaboration. The student develops skills in research and inquiry culminating in a research paper. In reading, students develop skills in making inferences, comparisons and contrasts, and vocabulary development.

    In Math - Students complete an in-depth study of measurement systems and geometric shapes and solids. In addition, students will collect data which will be presented through tables and graphs which include fractions and decimals.

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