• Plano ISD Chromebook Requirement

    In preparation for the 2020-2021 school year, Plano ISD recently announced that district-issued Chromebooks will be required equipment for all students in grades K-12.  This is different from the approach we took last spring when Chromebooks were optional.  

  • What are the specific benefits of a district-managed Chromebook?

    Through district-managed Chromebooks, teachers are able to manage, monitor, support, and focus students’ web activity in ways that are not possible with other computers.  Those elements of remote classroom management are made possible through a platform called GoGuardian

    Plano ISD has configured GoGuardian to work only on district issued Chromebooks.

    Beyond GoGuardian, each of our Chromebooks has been assigned a Google device management license that allows us to deliver an instructional experience designed for each course or subject.  

    For example, Chromebooks will automatically open Webdesk for students when they log in.  Coupled with Classlink’s OneClick Chrome Extension, the Single Sign On feature will provide quick access to all required applications used by students.  These functions will not be automatically available on personal devices or home computers, which may be problematic for student accessibility. 

  • When will students be required to use Chromebooks?

    Students will be required to use their district-issued device for district assessments as determined by each teacher, including MAP testing for students in K-8. Our Chromebooks have secure testing applications installed to protect the integrity and security of student assessments.

    Teachers will let students know when the use of district-managed Chromebooks is required. Some examples of when a Chromebook might be required include: 

    • Activities requiring teachers to view multiple students screens simultaneously.
    • Assessments or assignments that require students to remain inside one application (e.g. lock down browsers; kiosk mode).
    • Accessing GoGuardian for communication between student and teacher during asynchronous learning.

  • Does this mean students are not allowed to use personal or family computers for any school work?

    We understand that some students may have options beyond the Chromebook and using other devices is acceptable as long as students are using the district Chromebook when the teacher has required it. Students will be able to log in to Webdesk from any device and have that login and associated data considered for attendance taking purposes.  Students are required to login and engage in learning daily to be counted present.

Chromebook showing student webdesk