• Safety & Maintenance at Stadiums - Bond Prop D

  • Safety & Maintenance at Stadiums

    • Turf Replacement (Clark)
    • Concession Renovations (Clark and Kimbrough)  
    • LED Safety & Security Lights (Clark and Kimbrough)  
    • Clark Stadium Parking Lot Resurfacing
    • Clark Triple Fields Restrooms
    • Kimbrough Fence
    • Williams Security Lights

    TOTAL: $19,212,000

  • The projects outlined above will be listed as Proposition E on your ballot. To view your complete sample ballot, visit the Collin County Elections webpage.

    Proposition E Ballot Language

    Voters will be asked to vote FOR or AGAINST the issuance of $19.2 million in bonds of bonds for stadiums. The ballot will also state the imposition of a tax sufficient to pay the principal of, and interest on, the bonds. This refers to the district’s I&S rate, and Plano ISD can afford to pay for these bonds at the current rate. 


Clark Stadium in Plano ISD
Plano ISD is not proposing a new stadium, but rather safety and maintenance updates to its existing stadiums. Clark Stadium was built in 1977, and the projects proposed include resurfacing the parking lot, concession renovations, new security lights, and restrooms at the Triple Fields.