• Instructional Technology - Bond Prop C

  • Instructional Technology

    • Mobile 1:1 Replacements
    • Classroom Multimedia AV
    • End User Technology Replacements
    • Enterprise System/Applications
    • Learning Media Services
    • Copy Machine Replacements
    • Data Center Updates

    TOTAL: $173,450,000

What Will I See On My Ballot?

  • The projects shown above will be listed as Proposition C on your ballot. To view your complete sample ballot, visit the Collin County Elections webpage.

    Plano ISD Proposition C Bond 2022 Ballot Language

    Voters will be asked to vote FOR or AGAINST the issuance of $173 million in bonds for technology equipment. The ballot will also state the imposition of a tax sufficient to pay the principal of, and interest on, the bonds. This refers to the district’s I&S rate, and Plano ISD can afford to pay for these bonds at the current rate.