• Wells Elementary School

    What’s Proposed for Our School

  • Proposition B
    Proposition B: School Renovations & Safety

    • Safety and Security Updates
    • Classroom Flooring
      • Carpet Tile 
      • Vinyl Composition Tile
    • Playground Surface Replacement
    • New Playground Equipment
    • Playground Shade Structure
    • HVAC Control Replacement
      • HVAC Controls
      • Roof Top Unit
    • Roof Lifecycle Replacement
    • Student Restroom Improvements
    • Kitchen Upgrade

    Proposition C
    Proposition C: Instructional Technology

    • Classroom Multimedia AV
    • End User Technology Replacements
    • Enterprise System/Applications
    • Learning Media Services
Wells Elementary School Facade
Wells Elementary School opened in 1978 at a cost of $1.2 million. The building was renovated in 2004 with 2000 bond funds.

  • Additional Propositions

    Additional projects are proposed that would accommodate student programs and activities for multiple grade levels.

    Visit the web pages to view what’s proposed for Proposition D (Event Center) and Proposition E (Safety & Maintenance at Stadiums).

    Prop D

    Prop E