• Plano Senior High School

    What’s Proposed for Our School

  • Proposition B
    Proposition B: School Renovations & Safety

    A major renovation is proposed for Plano Senior High. If the bond is approved by voters, funding would be available to address aging and foundation issues at the campus. The renovation is estimated to cost around $200 million and would include:

    • Safety & Security Upgrades
    • Renovated Classrooms and Instructional Spaces
    • Renovated Commons Areas like Cafeteria, Library, Offices
    • 2 Additional Gyms

    Additional projects proposed for Plano Senior High include:

    • Tennis Court Relocation & Replacement/Storage & Restroom Addition
    • Baseball & Softball Locker Rooms/Coaches Office/Dugout Extensions
    • Baseball Concession Stand Restrooms
    • Auxiliary Field LED Lights
    • Updated Campus SAC
    • 8’ Fence around Track & Field, with gates
    • Softball: Covered Hitting Tunnel 
    • Dropdown Batting Tunnel for SAC

    Proposition C
    Proposition C: Instructional Technology

    • Classroom Multimedia AV
    • End User Technology Replacements
    • Enterprise System/Applications
    • Learning Media Services
Plano Senior High School Facade
Plano Senior High opened in 1975, replacing the original, traditional high school which is now Williams. This campus cost $10.3 million to construct in 1975.

  • Additional Propositions

    Additional projects are proposed that would accommodate student programs and activities for multiple grade levels.

    Visit the web pages to view what’s proposed for Proposition D (Event Center) and Proposition E (Safety & Maintenance at Stadiums).

    Prop D

    Prop E