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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will provide the dual credit courses for this four year academy?

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    Collin College.

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  • What is an academic dual credit course?

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    Academic dual credit courses are general education courses that apply toward an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in the core areas of English and Social Studies. All academic courses offered in the Academy are listed in the Texas Academic Course Guide Manual and are accepted at public colleges and universities in Texas. Academic dual credit courses will transfer to any college or university that accepts dual credit coursework and will apply to most core curriculum or general education requirements.

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  • What is a Health Science workforce dual credit course?

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    Workforce dual credit courses are workforce education courses that provide an opportunity for you to obtain skills and knowledge needed for career exploration, licensure and specific job qualifications. Workforce courses in the Academy apply toward professional certification and may apply toward associate degrees. Workforce courses may transfer to 4-year baccalaureate degrees.

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  • Do the courses that I take for the certifications apply to any of the pre-med, pre-pharmacy etc.

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    Workforce dual credit courses that provide knowledge and skills needed for health science certifications also provide a foundation for further study at the university level in professional degree programs. Some universities do have a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree that may accept workforce education courses.

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  • What opportunities will I have to earn healthcare certifications?

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    The Academy expands the existing high school curriculum by offering unique health science-focused electives. Workforce dual credit courses will be applied toward earning healthcare certificates. When you graduate from high school, you can immediately begin working as a certified technician in several different medical fields. If you want to continue your education at a university, there are many advantages as well. You will be able to utilize the technical certificates to begin working while you are still in college, giving you a source of income and on the job experience.

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  • Will I be able to choose how many dual credit courses that I want to take?

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    The workforce dual credit courses that a student will take are set based on what track they are in.

    There are optional health science academic dual credit courses in 11th and 12th grade. You may choose additional academic dual credit courses in English. Math, Social Studies, and Biology.

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  • Will the college credit hours that I earn be on my official college transcript?

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    Yes, all college credit hours will be on your college transcript and will become a permanent part of your academic record at the collegiate level.

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  • Cost

    How much does it cost to take the dual credit courses?

    For the workforce dual credit courses the tuition and textbook are funded by the Plano ISD Health Sciences Academy.

  • Collin College Admissions

    Do I need to apply to Collin College to take dual credit courses?

    Yes. Enrollment in dual credit courses require that you submit all necessary information in order to be admitted to Collin College. You will need to pass the STAAR/EOC assessment before taking any dual credit courses which begin in the 10th grade.

    To complete a healthcare certification that includes a clinical experience in a healthcare facility, are there any additional requirements?

    Yes, healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices) require clinical students to have various immunizations, background checks and meet other possible criteria before spending time on-site.

  • Transfers and Transportation

    Will transportation be provided?

    Yes.  Refer to the current bus schedule 2022-2023 bus schedule

    If I do not attend Williams High School now, will I need to transfer to Williams High School in order to enroll in the Academy?

    Yes. You will need to be a student at Williams High School to attend the Health Sciences Academy.  If Williams High School is not your home campus or it is not in your feeder pattern, you will need to transfer to Williams High School.  There will be no transfer fee.  Information regarding the transfer process will be provided to students accepted into the HSA.

    Will I be able to drop out of the Health Sciences Academy and return to my home campus?

    The Health Sciences Academy is a four-year program.  By accepting a placement in the HSA, you agree to attend all 4 years. 

    In extenuating circumstances, you can drop at the end of the semester. 

    If you reside outside of the Plano East or Williams attendance zone, you must complete a PISD Student Transfer Form to exit from the Health Sciences Academy and return to the campus assigned to your residence.

    If you return to your home campus, please note that according to UIL regulations, you will be ineligible to participate in varsity athletics for one full year. Students are eligible at Plano East Senior High for varsity athletics when they enter the academy. Students leaving the academy and Plano East feeder system would be ineligible for varsity athletics for one full year from the date of returning to their home campus. Varsity eligibility is restored after one year.

  • Selection Process and Academy Admissions

    Will I be able to apply for the Health Sciences Academy?

    Students entering ninth grade in the 2023-2024 school year are eligible to apply. 

    Is there a limit on the number of students who can participate in the Academy?

    Yes, the number of students accepted into the Academy, as well as certification programs within the Academy, is determined by maximum capacities.

    If I am an AVID student will I be able to apply for the Health Sciences Academy?

    Yes, AVID students will be able to continue in AVID and in the Health Sciences Academy; however, you will likely need to earn credits outside of the school day so that you would have time in your schedule to do so. Some options would be Plano ISD eSchool, night school, summer school, correspondence courses from Texas Tech and Credit By Exam in foreign language. Your best resource is your counselor who will advise you of your options.