• Student FAQ

    Who will ensure that I am scheduled into the correct classes?

    You will work with your current counselor and the IB coordinator.

    If I have a question about my IB Diploma plan, when will I be able to talk with the IB coordinator?
    Anytime by email or telephone: karen.stanton@pisd.edu / (469)752-9120.

    Who do I see if there is something wrong with my schedule?
    You will visit with the IB coordinator, first. She will make sure that your IB Diploma Plan is in good shape. Then you will meet with your counselor; the counselor will make sure that your graduation requirements are on track. The counselor will make any necessary changes to the schedule.

    When do I see my counselor and when to I see the IB coordinator?
    Counselor: Questions about PISD and Texas graduation requirements, schedule changes, scholarship information, letters of recommendation, ACT and SAT information, college questions, AP courses and exams, summer school and correspondence courses.

    IB Coordinator: Questions about IB courses, IB internal examinations, IB exams, IB CAS requirements, IB Extended Essay requirements, IB Diploma requirements, and enrollment in IB classes.

    Is it possible to pursue extracurricular activities as a junior?
    Yes, in fact, most of our current juniors are enrolled in at least one of the following: band, choir, music theory, orchestra, theatre, soccer, baseball, art, wrestling and golf. Is it guaranteed that you will be able to accommodate your extracurricular activity within your IB schedule? No. Some combinations just aren’t possible due to time constraints. Choices may have to be made.

    What is CAS and when do I start?
    CAS stands for Creativity, Action, and Service. The program is a balance to the strong academic nature of the program and is intended to help develop a well-rounded individual. The IB CAS Supervisor will present each student with the CAS guidelines at the beginning of the junior year.

    What is the extended essay, when do I start it, and when is it due?
    All IB students are required to submit a research paper of some 4000 words. The IB coordinator and English teachers will introduce this to students in fall of your junior year. The essays are due December of the senior year

    I’ve heard some students go without a lunch. Is this true?

    Is there a student IB group?
    Yes, the International Baccalaureate Students for Service and Assistance (IBSSA) is internal support system for IB students.

    Do many students plan to take the AP exams in addition to the IB exams?
    Yes. Many colleges give a great deal of consideration to students who choose a complete IB Diploma plan. Most universities award credit hours for passing scores on the IB Higher Level exams. Most universities do not award credit hours for standard level exams. In order to gain college credit in these standard level subjects, many students also take the equivalent AP exam. For example, a student who takes the IB Computer Science SL course and exam may also take the AP exam.

    What is the procedure for dropping the IH or IB program?
    You must conference with both the IB coordinator and the counselor. VERY IMPORTANT: Students must complete either a Reverse IB Transfer Form. Transfers are not approved during the semester.

    When do I register for exams?
    October of the junior and senior year. Most juniors take two exams during their junior year and four exams during their senior year.

    How much homework?
    The homework load will vary according to the scope and sequence of the course. However, it is not unusual for students at the 11th/12th grade level to have approximately 2- 3 hours of homework per night.

    What are Internal Assessments?
    In addition to exams, IB students are assessed internally before the May exams. Assessments vary from subject to subject. The following are examples of internal assessment: world literature papers, language orals, portfolios, projects, and dossiers. Further details about internal assessment will be explained by the classroom teacher