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    All students interested in the IB World School are welcome and encouraged to apply to the IB World School. Students choosing to participate in the IB Diploma Programme (IB DP) are not required to take an entrance exam.  There is no minimum standardized test score, grade point average, or subject grade that must be achieved. Students are chosen from the application pool by a lottery process as the IB is committed to equity. It is our mission to create a diverse community of learners who will develop a global perspective and sense of internationalism as they work towards their future as global citizens.


    Guardians will have a window of time to make a final decision once their child(ren) has been selected in the lottery. If a family chooses to decline their position, another student will be randomly selected from the wait pool to fill that position.


    Profile of a Successful IB Student:


    Students seeking an academic challenge should consider the International Baccalaureate Program. In order to help students and parents make a realistic decision about pursuing the IB program, please consider the following profile of a successful IB student at Plano East Senior High School.  The IB Diploma Programme consists of all highly advanced courses and also requires that a student complete CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) for 1-2 hours/week, write a 4,000 word essay based on an academic topic of the student's choice, and take part in a two-year course called Theory of Knowledge in which students study the nature of knowledge.


    The successful International Baccalaureate student…

    • is motivated and hard-working.
    • can cope with several demanding classes simultaneously.
    • is curious and seeks intellectual and academic challenge.
    • thrives on challenging texts.
    • communicates clearly and effectively.
    • possesses (or is willing to acquire) analytical/critical thinking skills.
    • is willing to develop proficient communication skills in a world language.
    • possesses (or is willing to acquire) time and stress management skills as well as self-discipline.
    • welcomes new ideas and is respectful of different beliefs and opinions.
    • values internationalism and demonstrates genuine concern for others.

    Profile of a DP Family

    We view students and families as stakeholders in the IB journey. Staff, students, and families will work in partnership to help scholars be successful in the DP program.  We encourage families to stay engaged through our IB website, our myriad forms of communication (Remind, Instagram, email, quarterly newsletters), our family events, and Booster Club meetings.


    Both students and guardians should carefully consider the IB learner profile, the IB mission statement,  and the characteristics of the successful IB student before making the choice to pursue the IB diploma. The student who demonstrates good academic performance, is highly motivated, and possesses good time and stress management skills will thrive in the IB program.


    Transfer Revocation

    Per the PISD Transfer Policy, “The school principal reserves the right to revoke the transfer and return the student to the home school if the student violates disciplinary rules at the new school or there is a lack of parental cooperation. The school principal reserves the right to revoke a transfer and return the student to the home school if the student has excessive absences or tardies.  IH students who are failing 2 or more classes will not be permitted to remain at the IB World School.”

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  • 2024-2025 Plano ISD Academies Spring Waitlist Application Portal Although the fall Academy application process has closed, Plano ISD is opening a Spring Academy Application for students who are interested in these programs and would like to be placed on a waitlist.  You may only indicate ONE Academy program.  Your first submission will be the waitlist that you are on.  This application will close on May 1, 2024. 

    Plano ISD Academies Spring Waitlist Application

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