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    Plano East Senior High
    Characteristics of a Successful IB Student

    Students seeking an academic challenge should consider the International Baccalaureate Program. In order to help students and parents make a realistic decision about pursuing the IB program, please consider the following profile of a successful IB student at Plano East Senior High School.

    The successful International Baccalaureate student…

    • is motivated.
    • seeks intellectual and academic challenge.
    • thrives on challenging texts.
    • communicates clearly and effectively.
    • possesses (or is willing to acquire) analytical/critical thinking skills.
    • is willing to develop proficient communication skills in a foreign language.
    • possesses (or is willing to acquire) time and stress management skills.
    • welcomes new ideas and is respectful of different beliefs and opinions.
    • enjoys participating in school and community activities.

    Both students and parents should carefully consider the IB learner profile and the characteristics of the successful IB student before making the choice to pursue the IB diploma. The student who demonstrates good academic performance, is highly motivated, and possesses good time and stress management skills may thrive in the IB program.

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