• Fine Arts Employment in Plano ISD

    Teacher Positions

    Thank you for your interest in a teacher position in the Fine Arts department of the Plano Independent School District. Our programs are recognized as being among the finest in the nation. We feel this is attributable to the fact that we have students with a strong desire to achieve, tremendous community support, and one of the finest faculties anywhere. We invite you to visit our websites to find out more about Our District and/or the Fine Arts programs.

    Your application and interview for a position in the Plano ISD will consist of several steps. The information below is intended to guide you through this process and to inform you of what to expect and what not to expect.

    All applicants for positions in the Plano ISD are required to submit an application for employment to the district’s Department of Human Resources. Applications are to be filed with the Plano ISD via our web-based Application System. In addition to submitting the online application, please provide a copy of your resume to the Fine Arts Office in hard copy or e-mail form to the address below or by FAX at 469-752-3081. Do not expect unsolicited phone calls to be returned. Due to the large number of applicants for fine arts positions in our district, it is not possible for us to return all calls. Please understand that your application will be given careful consideration as position becomes available.

    Interviews are typically scheduled with selected applicants only when positions are open. Once a position is open, applications for the position are screened, references are called, and candidates are contacted to schedule an appointment with the interview committee. This committee may consist of the appropriate centralized fine arts program coordinator, the head director or department leader of the school, and/or the vertical team leader, as well as any other appropriate persons. Initial interviews via video conference is possible, upon request, but next level interviews are expected to be in person. Following the initial interview, finalists are then scheduled with the principal of the campus for a final interview. It is extremely rare that this process can be completed in one day.

    Once interviews are completed, the principal will recommend one candidate for the position to the Department of Human Resources. A member of the Department of Human Resources staff will contact the successful candidate to offer the position. It is this person who will discuss salary and benefit issues, since other personnel in the process have been focused on selecting the best candidate for the position.

    Again, thank you for your interest in Plano ISD.  We hope to see you in the near future!


  • Private Music Lesson Contractors

    Plano ISD provides music students enrolled in our ensemble programs access to private lessons provided by Independent Contractors on a weekly basis, at a rate of pay set by the district and reviewed annually. We have an ongoing need for quality instructors in all basic string, woodwind and percussion instruments and all voice parts for students in grades 6-12.  In order to provide a safe and quality experience for our students, we require individuals interested in participating in this program to complete a number of steps prior to working with students on campus. The first step in the procedure is an interview/audition with one of the Cluster Leaders listed below.

    Wind and Percussion:


    • Ann Smith tel:469-752-9237 - Plano East Senior High School
    • April Kondrat tel:469-752-9396 - Plano Senior High School
    • Ryan Ross tel:469-752-9842 - Plano West Senior High School



    These directors will provide acceptable candidates with detailed information regarding the various required steps for clearance:

    • Instructions for Completing the required Clearances to become an Independent Music Contractor
    • Plano ISD Supplemental Music Lesson Contractor Application Form
    • Non-Employee Criminal History Check
    • Confirmation of Professional/Malpractice Liability Insurance Malpractice/professional liability insurance
    • Payment of the Building Use Fee
    • The Plano ISD Independent Contractor Agreement / Badge Approval Form 
    • Acquiring a Plano ISD Independent Contractor Badge

    Submit your completed Application Form to Plano ISD Fine Arts, Attn: the Fine Arts Department, 1800 Alma Road, Plano, TX, 75075 or you may email them to;  faforms@pisd.edu (972-905-8938)

    Clearance can take some time, so individuals are encouraged to begin the process early and be patient while each of the steps above is completed. No contact with staff members or students may be made prior to receiving notice of your final clearance from the Fine Arts Office.

    Information on the forms you submit is for the Plano ISD Fine Arts office use only. When you have been cleared to teach, your name, address, e-mail address, and the instruments you teach will be submitted to the directors at the Plano ISD secondary schools. If you want the directors to have any other contact information, it is your responsibility to submit it to them. As an independent contractor, you will receive payments directly from your students and handle your own billing and collection. 

  • Contacts

    Choir & Elementary Positions
    Kathy Kuddes
    Fine Arts

    Band & Orchestra Positions
    Jeremy Kondrat

    Speech & Theatre Positions
    Gregory Arp
    Theatre & Speech

    Visual Arts Positions
    Laura Grundler
    Visual Arts

  • Accompanists

    Thank you for your interest in being on the Approved Accompanist for Plano ISD.  The names on the Plano ISD Approved Accompanist list have completed the Accompanist Application Google form and the PISD Non-Employee Criminal History Background Check and have been issued a Plano ISD Contractor badge. 

    Below are the steps to follow to be a Plano ISD Approved Accompanist .

    1. Interested applicants request the application forms from the Specialists in Fine Arts, Germaine Ewen (469-752-8214)
    2. The link to the Accompanist Application Google form is sent to you by Fine Arts to be completed.
    3. Non-employee Criminal History Background Check will be sent from Security - follow the instructions carefully.
    4. Confirmation of your approval will be sent to the email address you provided with instructions on getting your badge.
    5. Upon completion of steps 1-4, your name will be added to the Approved Accompanists List.

    Professional Liability insurance is recommended for your own personal interest and is best practice, but is not required.

    The Plano ISD Approved Accompanist List is kept by the PISD Fine Arts Department and sent to the PISD music directors. The PISD music directors use the Approved Accompanist list to schedule accompanists for concerts and contests. The music director may also share the list with students needing an accompanist for various solo contests.