• About Fine Arts

    The philosophy of fine arts education in the Plano Independent School District is to provide a sequential, developmental fine arts curriculum which allows each student an opportunity to build skill and understanding through a wide variety of quality artistic experiences.

    Fine arts have intrinsic value in the education of the whole child.  In so much as the arts are now widely recognized as a separate and distinct forms of knowledge,  the district has a responsibility to provide instruction that will nurture this intelligence to its fullest potential in each child.  The study of fine arts as discrete disciplines can and should provide an avenue for unique creative and artistic self-expression.  Fine arts have value as a vehicle for understanding the history, society, culture and creative expressions of a wide variety of peoples.  Participation in the arts fosters inter-personal skills, self reliance, responsibility and team work and has been shown to have a positive effect on learning in other disciplines.

     Instructional examples, repertoire, and other instructional materials are of the highest possible quality and are presented in a culturally sensitive way to the students.  While public performance and exhibition are natural outgrowths of this artistic instruction, it is not an end unto itself.  The fine art education provided to students in the Plano Independent School District is a balanced one where the artistic growth of each child is the ultimate goal and public demonstration is an expression of this growth.

    Jungle Book cast from theatre performance