• Application

  • Step 1: Complete the PISD Interest Survey 

    Complete the PISD Interest Survey to provide information to your high school counselors.


    Step 2: Apply to Collin College

    Application information may be found here.  You will need to complete an admission application to Collin College.  Within 3 - 5 business days you will receive an email with your Collin College ID, password, and Collin College email address.  This information is necessary for completing the Industries Academy Interest form found below.  Please note that this process needs to be completed with enough time to send the Industries Academy Interest Form by May 4, 2020.


    Step 3: Complete and Submit the Collin College Industries Academy Interest Form by May 4, 2020

    Complete the Industries Academy Interest Google Form.  You will be notified through your high school if you have been accepted and will work with you to complete any additional items.


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