• Adoption Resources:

    Are you considering getting an exotic animal as a pet?

    Please remember that exotic animals need adoption from rescues too! Not only do local animal services agencies regularly adopt animals such as parakeets, guinea pigs, and rabbits, there are rescues looking to rehome chinchillas, hedgehogs, rats, ferrets, and ball pythons as well.

    Some options include: 

    • Texas Rustlers Small Animal and Guinea Pig Rescue
    • Plano Animal Services (or other local city and county shelters)
    • The Humane Society of North Texas
    • Petfinder.com (search for Small & Furry!)


    Finally, please do your research!

    Did you know that goldfish need large aquariums and water filters? Rabbits need lots of room to roam around and mostly hay to eat. Chinchillas can live 20 years or more. Sugar gliders are nocturnal. Many turtles (water and land) can live upwards of 50 years.

    Always remember to look up what to expect when thinking about getting a new species of animal as a pet. You don't want to be surprised later when you find out that cute little tegu lizard is going to grow up to be 5 feet long!

    Two Softshell Turtles swimming in a large water tank, with sand and plants.    A woman plays with Blossom the cockatoo since birds need lots of time with friends