• 37th Annual MLK Diversity Celebration 

    Plano ISD MLK Celebration

    January 19, 2023
    7:00 PM
    Williams High School

    With the theme “Belive in the Dream,” this year marks the 37th anniversary of Plano ISD’s annual tribute celebrating the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the diverse Plano ISD community.

  • Yashita Khan, 2nd Grade, Hunt Elementary School

    “Believe in the Dream”

    Beautiful Butterflies 
    Fluttering all around
    Everywhere you go

    Live the dream of your choice
    Imagine your dream and work hard

    Everyone is different and beautiful
    Very special
    Enjoy life wherever you go!

    Invent new dreams…
    Never give up

    Think about happy thoughts
    Have higher goals

    Entertain others
    Dream bigger and higher
    Reaching your dreams is fun

    Enjoy your day
    Anyone can help you big or small

    Magic wands can even help!

    Yashita Khan - 2023 MLK Writing Contest Winner Grades K-2 from Plano ISD on Vimeo.

  • Hailey Yau, Hunt Elementary, Kindergarten

    “When I Grow Up…”

    When I grow up
    I dream to be a Doctor

    So I can check and help people

    I know when you are sick
    You cough and your throat itches

    Also your tummy hurts
    And you feel tired.

    I don’t want people to feel like this

    I hope I can be a great Doctor so
    I can make people feel better

    I wish everyone would be healthy 
    So they can make their dream come true.

    Hailey Yau - 2023 MLK writing finalist from Plano ISD on Vimeo.

  • Grace Pan, 1st Grade, Skaggs Elementary School

    “I have a dream that one day I can be a great teacher at a school.  I will achieve my dream by learning a lot and reading alot of books that is non-ficttion. I will studey alot of math, reading, sience, and righting.  I will try my best to do every single piece of logeck! It is always important! I’ll put my t.v. time to turn on over to homework time.  I’ll do my best to take most of the time of mine on learning and at last I’m going to be sure I’ll be a great perfect teacher for every grade and every student and every school.”

    Grace Pan - 2023 MLK Writing Finalist from Plano ISD on Vimeo.

  • Micah Reed, 4th Grade, Thomas Elementary School

    “#Believe in the Dream”

    My dream is to be on a good team
    In the wide paint skyhook like Kareem
    Teammate in the paint, standing dunk like Shaq
    Don’t come crying when he breaks the backgoard’s back

    In the corner for the three
    Shoot it just like Steph Curry

    Dunk from the line, almost break my spine
    Michael Jordan taking flight, he sees me coming in the light

    In overtime, other team is a slop
    Oh no! Westbrook is about to flop

    Euro step, attack the basket
    I’m cold as ice, but I got my jacket

    I put in the work, I will not fail
    Because I am determined to prevail

    I believe in me I believe in my dream
    For now it’s me and my team

    I’ll put in the time
    For when it’s me, I will be NBA primetime.

    Micah Reed - 2023 MLK Writing Contest Winner Grades 3-5 from Plano ISD on Vimeo.

  • Harinee Swaminathan, 3rd Grade, Andrews Elementary School

    “Believe in your dream!”

    I believe in my dreams,
    I can choose any dream it seems,
    I hope an idea comes to my head,
    Well I get dreams of it in my bed,
    I will be a computer engineer,
    My decision is final and clear,

    I'll talk to the experts that I know,
    And I'll start my dream like a flow,
    I will study technology hard and nice,
    To make my dream very precise,
    I will never give up,
    Until I get a golden cup,

    I will make fun apps and games,
    And I'll be sure to give them all names,
    I will collect data and plots,
    So I don't end up in knots,
    I will program an application software,
    And with the money I earn, I will share,

    This is the dream I want to achieve,
    And my faith for this will never leave,
    I will always be determined and nice,
    Even if I don't get a high price,
    I will always have hard work on my side,
    So I will never get denied.

    Harinee Swaminathan - 2023 MLK Writing Finalist from Plano ISD on Vimeo.

  • Taylor Nguyen, 5th Grade, Boggess Elementary School

    “Martin Luther King Jr. Writing”

    Everyone has dreams right? Some people dream big, others dream small.

    People like Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed huge! He dreamed that people of color and white people would one day be treated equally and fairly. Some people just want to become popular in school. While MLK helped people of color in so many ways, discrimination has never fully gone away. Think about the marches and riots against police. So many people want to stop police brutality and discrimination against those of color including myself. I dream that one day we won't hear those kinds of stories.

    While everyone can dream, the people who work hard are the ones no can achieve their dreams. If you stop at the first obstacle you will never meet your goals. MLK was arrested multiple times, faced discrimination, and many other things but he never gave up. Now look at how much of a difference he has made. There are many ways people like me can achieve their goal of helping those of color. Maybe you could join a peaceful protest or even just spread the word. MLK changed the lives of so many people and so can you no matter who you are.

    In the future I hope to be able to help those of color in as many ways as I can. Hopefully one day we truly will all be able to live equally and freely. Even if I can't help as much as MLK did, I hope I will be able to help at least one person and make their day better. In his wise words "If I can't do great things I will do small things in a great way."- Martin Luther King Jr. So go out and work hard whether it be to do well on a test or help those in need. Everyone can achieve their goals, so help those who believe they can't. Show them they can do or be whatever they want. Remember with enough hard work you can change the world for the better.

    Taylor Nguyen - 2023 MLK Writing Finalist from Plano ISD on Vimeo.

  • Diversity Leadership Award Program

    This year, Priscilla Brown, 2022-23 Plano ISD Diversity Advisory Committee Co-Chair, will have the honor of recognizing the 2023 Diversity Leadership Award nominees and winners in our MLK Diversity Celebration video presentation.

    Each year, this prestigious award program works to honor not only the great leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but also the many truly inspiring leaders in our own community. This award is coordinated annually by the Plano ISD Diversity Advisory Committee to recognize community members, staff and students who have shown leadership and commitment in fostering and promoting harmony, respect, acceptance and understanding among the beautifully diverse cultures within our community. Congratulations to the outstanding winners and nominees!

  • Winners:

    • 2023 Community Award winner: The Hendrick Scholarship Foundation 
    • 2023 Plano ISD Staff Award winner: Plano Area Alliance of Black School Educators 
    • 2023 Plano ISD Student Leadership Award winner: Bertha Mkawa 

  • Nominees:

    2022 Plano ISD Student/Group nominees — Bertha Mkwawa, Sara Salazar, Clark High School Red Cross Club, She's the First Clark, United Through Discussion

    2022 Plano ISD Staff nominees — John Bhadelia, Tami Frank, Yahaira Rodriguez, Adeela Syeda, Plano Area Alliance of Black Educators (PAABSE)

    2022 Plano ISD Community Individual/Group nominees — Vandita Parikh, Hendrick Scholarship Foundation

  • Art Overall Winner/6-8 Category Winner

    Everyone is DifferentBus of Dreams

    Enya Li
    Schimelpfenig Middle School
    6th Grade
    Mr. Grundler

  • K-2 Category Winner

    Everyone is DifferentEveryone is Different

    Penelope Phillips
    1st Grade
    Ms. Brothers

  • 3-5 Category Winner

    I have a dream, dream, dream.  Believe in the dream.Believe

    Sannidhi Bhat
    5th Grade
    Mindy McVay

  • 9-12 Category Winner


    Dreaming of Us

    Tessa McBride
    Williams High School
    10th Grade
    Ms. Chang