• Music Theory

    Music Theory The secondary music program of the Plano ISD is designed to provide opportunities for each student to develop his/her creative talents in a number of ways. The program consists of four areas---band, choir, orchestra, and music theory. 

    Music Theory is the study of the ways in which music and musical works are constructed and heard.  While some fundamentals of music theory are studied as a part of the band, choir and orchestra curricula, this dedicated course of study is for students who wish to go deeper into this area of inquiry.

    Music Theory and Advanced Placement Music Theory courses are offered to interested students in the eleventh and twelfth grades. 
    Music Theory offers students opportunities to create, perform, listen to, and analyze music from various styles and genres (e.g. rock, pop, jazz and classical). Current technological developments are used in this class to provide "state of the art" learning opportunities.  

    Advanced Placement (AP) Music Theory is the study of advanced music literacy, focusing on aural and written musical skills. This course covers material typically taught at a college freshman level.  For students who plan to continue musical studies on the college level, this course will offer an essential opportunity for in-depth study and preparation.  Current technological developments are used in this class to provide "state of the art" learning opportunities.  Students enrolled in this course participate in enrichment events sponsored by AP Strategies as part of the AP Arts incentive program.

    For further information, please contact any of the music theory teachers listed on the staff page, or the fine arts office at 469-752-8212.