• eSchool Mission and Core Beliefs


    To create a borderless classroom based on a positive student-teacher relationship that fosters independent, innovative critical thinking and empowers students to thrive, contribute, and compete in a global society.

    The Core Four

    . . .We Believe that successful education can take many forms, and eSchool is committed to utilizing technology to facilitate student ownership by adapting to individual learning styles, lifestyles, and talents.

    . . .We Believe that eSchool is an innovative, comprehensive educational approach that uses technology to eliminate boundaries by empowering students with the opportunity to develop the skills needed to be successful in an information-driven, global society.

    . . .We Believe that eSchool provides online relationships rooted in support, passion for learning and commitment to each individual student's success that encourages students to expand both their self-efficacy and self-discipline.

    . . .We Believe that eSchool focuses on transitioning students from a traditional educational system to an ever-evolving, innovative learning environment that allows them to control their academic success.