• Technical Information

  • Technical Requirements

    Operating System Minimal Requirements

    Microsoft Windows® or Macintosh OS®X (recommended for Apple computers)

    In order to work through a course most efficiently, you need Microsoft Office, peripherals, speakers and a printer


    Some courses require downloadable plug-ins for your browser. See the Free Downloads quick link on the eSchool home page and download any plug-ins required for your eSchool course.


    Students need to have a working email address that will handle large file attachments. For specific items needed, go to eSchool Courses & Registration, then click on the course you wish to take.

    Internet Connectivity

    eSchool students must have availability of a working Internet connection (ISP).
    Direct high-speed Internet connection recommended.


    In order to work through a course most efficiently the student needs to have Microsoft Office®.


    Access to a printer is preferred.


    See course description for specific items needed.

    Please note: As students work through their eSchool course, they may be downloading and viewing streaming videos.

    Enabling Cookies

    Some Plano ISD courses require that your browser has “cookies” enabled.
    If you encounter this situation please view Enabling Cookies.

    There are three sections to the PDF document

    • Enabling Cookies for Internet Explorer
    • Enabling Cookies for Firefox
    • Enabling Cookies for Safari (Mac)

    Internet Security

    Your home PC is likely to have one or several programs to help make it safe from intrusion of others via the Internet. These may include SPAM blockers, Pop-up blockers, Firewalls, and/or Parental Controls.

    Depending on your provider of such security measures, the steps to configure such controls to allow the required interaction with your Plano ISD eSchool course and teacher will vary. Please consult the instructions for your Security Suite to enable the settings as follows.

    SPAM Blocker
    You must include your teacher and the eSchool office in your “Allowed” email list. Both will have a “@PISD.EDU” email address. If applicable, your SPAM blocker must also be set to allow attachments of significant size.

    Your Firewall settings must allow access to https://pisdeschool.blackboard.com and other sites that may be referenced within the course. These will vary depending on the course you are taking.

    Parental Control
    In some cases, your PC may be configured to block access to prohibit access to sites that are questionable regarding their appropriateness. All sites referenced by your eSchool course have been reviewed and are considered to be appropriate for students of your age. However, the parent is the final authority for determining settings on the home computer.

    Pop-up Blockers
    Most security programs have flexible settings, and some have the ability to exempt popups from particular sites. First, try to exempt the course sever within the popup blocker. If that’s not possible, disable the application while working on your course. Popups MUST be enabled for some of the PISD eSchool courses. However, again, the parent is the final authority for determining settings on the home computer.

    Troubleshooting Your Course

    Before you call for technical support, you may save time by doing some basic troubleshooting. Please read the problems and solutions below to help you determine if you need to call the help desk.

    Problem: I signed up for an online course a couple of days ago and have not received any information yet. What do I do?
    Solution: Please allow up to five business days for this information to be sent to you. If you have not received any information by day six, contact the eSchool office at 469-752-8894 during regular business hours 8:00am-5:00pm.

    Problem: It has been five business days since I registered and I haven't received an email from eSchool or my teacher. What do I do?
    Solution: Look for your "Welcome Letter/s" in your junk mail or spam folder. These emails will end in @pisd.edu. With the first email, there is an attachment that has all the information you need to log into your course. Your course teacher will follow up with an additional welcome email specifically related to the course.

    Problem: I have looked in my email for a welcome email and can’t find it, what now?
    Solution: Call the eSchool office at 469-752-8894 or email eSchool@pisd.edu and ask them to resend your welcome information.

    Problem: I don’t know how to log into my course?
    Solution: Everything you need to know to log into your course is in the welcome information sent from the eSchool office.

    Log onto the course website:

    • https://pisdeschool.blackboard.com
    • Enter your student’s username and password – [in each student’s welcome letter copied to you]
    • Select the name of the course listed in the upper right of the screen
    • Select Announcements on the left of the screen and follow the instructions.

    Problem: I’m in Blackboard and the "navigation bar has disappeared”, what do I do? I can’t see any of my course tabs.
    Solution: Look closely on the left hand side of the screen in Blackboard. You will see what looks like a small arrow head ">". Click on the "arrow head" and your course tabs should be visible again.

    Problem: I can’t find my grades in Blackboard?

    • Select the course name listed in the upper right area of the screen.
    • Select Tools on the left of the screen.
    • Select My Grades.

    Problem: I see where I have submitted several assignments in Blackboard, but I don't see the actual grade?
    Solution: Continue working on your course and allow your teacher time to grade your coursework. Also, email your teacher to confirm that he/she has visibility of the work in Blackboard.

    Problem: I have completed a unit and I need a password to take the quiz. How to I get passwords?
    Solution: Email your teacher when you need a password. Please allow your teacher a minimum of 24 hours to respond to your request. While waiting, in most cases, you can start working on the next unit.

    Problem: I cannot get my login password to work for the unit test/final exam?
    Solution: Passwords are "case sensitive". Make sure you are typing the password exactly as your teacher sent it to you. If it still doesn't work, contact the eSchool office at 469-752-8894.

    Problem: I started a quiz and was unable to complete it. When I log back in to try and finish I am unable to access it. Who do I contact?
    Solution: Email your teacher and explain what happened. Your teacher will make the decision when it comes to resetting tests. Also, please allow your teacher a minimum of 24 hours to respond. You can continue working on the next assignments while waiting for your teacher to respond.

    Problem: I don’t know the password to "Safari, ABC Clio," etc... Where can I find this information?
    Solution: Look in "Class Documents" for passwords.

    Problem: I cannot get Safari to work? What should I do?
    Solution: Check the "Free Downloads" to verify that you have downloaded what is needed. Make sure you have "signed into Safari" using the correct log in. The information is case sensitive and needs to be typed "exactly" as it is in your information.

    When DO I Call Technical Support/Help Desk?
    Listed below are some examples of when you should call for Technical Support:

    • If you’re having problems submitting your work through Blackboard.
    • If there is a broken link within the course.
    • Your computer is not allowing you to work through the assignment.

    If you have a technical problem related to your course, contact the Help Desk:

    • 469-752-8870, Monday-Friday, from 8:00am-5:00pm
    • 972-672-8482, Monday-Friday, from 5:00pm-9:00pm
    • 972-672-8482, Saturday and Sunday, from 2:00pm-6:00pm

    If at all possible when speaking to technical support, you should be at your computer.

    Please leave a message as instructed. Failure to leave a message will only delay resolution to the issue you are having within the course.

  • Free Software Downloads

    The following links take you to items that may be needed for proper operation of your Plano ISD eSchool course. If your course requires one of these applications or plug-ins, click the link to take you to the download site, download and install the plug-in.

    Safari Montage

    From there:

    • Click SAFARI Montage Media Player under Downloads, located on the right side of the screen.
    • Click "I Agree" and then choose your operating system.
    • If you have trouble viewing the videos, the Security Setting on your computer may be set too high to view any video.
    • When you click on a link to a video you will need to Log In to the Safari Video site.

    Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

    Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Flash Player

    Quick Time

    Shockwave Player


    Java 1.4