• Library Materials & Parent Options

    School libraries are essential, safe, and inviting centers for teaching and learning that provide equitable access to emerging technologies and high quality physical and virtual collections.  Plano ISD libraries provide a wide range of library materials for students that present varying levels of difficulty, diversity of appeal, and a variety of points of view.  In general, a student is afforded the opportunity to self-select library materials as part of literacy development and the library program.  

    District staff may assist a student in selecting library material; however, the ultimate determination of appropriateness remains with the student and parent. 

    • The District provides a publicly accessible online catalog for each school, so parents can determine which print books are in our libraries.  

    • Parents may have their child return/exchange a library book on any day (at a time approved by the teacher/school).

    • The District provides all students with a library account.  Parents can ask their child to log into his/her library account at any time to see what the student currently has checked out.

    • If desired, parents may use the catalog to create a short list of family approved titles, series, and/or subjects.  If a student brings the list to school, he/she can look for the books on the list, with the librarian’s help if needed.  

    • The District provides students with the ability to place holds on currently unavailable books using the online catalog.  If desired, parents may identify books they would like to encourage their children to put on hold.

    Parents are encouraged to discuss reading selections and expectations as a family.  Per Board Policy EFB Local, "special considerations may be requested using a District form provided by the campus librarian or designee."  Those who wish to limit a student’s ability to check out self-selected library books should contact their child's librarian.  Parents may choose from the following options: 

    • I would like to develop a short list of series, authors, and titles that would work for my child, and I’d like to request help from the librarian in generating the list.  The list would be used by my child during library visits, with the librarian assisting in locating materials if needed.  (The list may be updated quarterly.)

    • I would like to set up a time (outside of scheduled class time) to visit the library and select books with/for my child rather than have them self-select books from the campus library. If my child’s class goes to the library to check out, the books we select together will be taken to the library and read.
    • I would like to provide my child with reading materials to use at school rather than have him/her check out self-selected materials from the campus library.