• Library Materials

    If you have a question about a book or resources, your child's librarian is available to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. 

  • Library Material Selection

    Collection development is the ongoing evaluation, selection, acquisition, and deselection of library resources to meet the needs of users and potential users.  As trained professional staff, librarians analyze and evaluate their collections to identify collection goals and research materials for potential purchase.

    Evaluation of the material is not based solely on an individual item but on the relationship between that item and other items in the collection.  During this process each title is vetted individually to determine whether or not it meets the following library selection criteria outlined in Board Policy EFB Local

  • Library Material Review Information

    Plano ISD Board Policy allows parents of District students, students age 18 or older, staff, or any District resident to formally object to library materials currently available to students.  Titles may be challenged if an individual believes the title does not meet the standards set forth in Board Policy EFB.  The steps to request a reconsideration are included within this policy.

    Plano ISD is legally required to protect the First Amendment rights of its students. In accordance with established Supreme Court decisions, a District cannot remove a library book without first reviewing the work. The District’s policy is designed to ensure that an appropriate review is conducted prior to any title being removed so that the District satisfies the requirements of the First Amendment.  However, the policy is also designed to ensure that educationally unsuitable materials, such as pervasively vulgar materials, are removed upon completion of review.  See the legal framework in Board Policy EF for more information. 

    Additionally, Plano ISD staff regularly conduct collection maintenance procedures based on age, relevance, diversity, variety, and alignment with district goals.

    Titles challenged prior to 8/2/22

    Titles challenged on or after 8/2/22


  • What options do parents and guardians have in guiding their child's library selection?

    District staff may assist a student in selecting library materials. However, the ultimate determination of appropriateness remains with the student and parent. 

    • Plano ISD provides a publicly accessible online catalog for each school, so parents can determine which print books are in our libraries.
    • If desired, parents may use the catalog to create a short list of family-approved titles, series and/or subjects. If a student brings the list to school, he/she can look for the books on the list, with the librarian’s help if needed.  
    • The district provides all students with a library account. Parents can ask their child to log into his/her library account at any time to see what the student currently has checked out.
    • The district provides students with the ability to place holds on currently unavailable books using the online catalog. If desired, parents may identify books they would like to encourage their children to put on hold.
    • Parents who wish to limit a student’s ability to check out self-selected library books may contact their child's librarian for additional information.

  • Are there standards related to how school libraries should function?

    Yes. Check out these resources to learn more.

  • How do I learn more about what resources are available for my child?

    Your child’s campus librarian is your main resource for library materials. They are available to help you and your child with resources available both online and on campus.  Their contact information can be found on the campus library webpage.

  • Can I browse the books that are available for my child in their school's library?

    Yes! We love for our students and campus community to visit the library both in person and virtually. Visit your elementary library catalog or secondary library catalog to search for physical items.  Please contact your campus librarian to discuss the best times for in person visits.

  • What is the difference between library materials and instructional materials?

    Instructional materials are used in classroom instruction as part of the required curriculum which is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, while school library materials are used for voluntary inquiry and self-selected reading.  Board Policy EFB addresses library materials while Board Policy EFA addresses instructional materials.

  • Why can't the District remove titles from circulation during the reconsideration process?

    Plano ISD is legally required to protect the First Amendment rights of its students. In accordance with established Supreme Court decisions, a District cannot remove a library book without first reviewing the title. Per Board Policy EFB, "access to a challenged material shall not be restricted during the reconsideration process, except the District may deny access to a child if requested by the child's parent in writing."  

  • Can reconsideration committees evaluate materials based on excerpts?

    Board Policy EFB indicates all members of a reconsideration committee must read challenged material in its entirety and consider the work as a whole.