• Music

    Here in Plano ISD we teach the Kodály method of music education. This method was fathered by a Hungarian composer by the name of Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967). After seeing certain issues with the musical education in his country, Kodály laid down a set of principals to follow in music education; some of which are:

    - Music is a prime necessity of life.
    - Only music of the highest quality is good enough for children.
    - The eye, the ear, the hand and the heart must all be trained together. - Music instruction must be a part of general education for everyone.

     Following the Kodály approach your child will be singing quite a bit, as the voice is the most natural instrument, and will be learning through musical experiences. There is also quite a bit of play that happens in the music room, we play the traditional play parties, singing games, and folk dances that accompany the music we study.

     Music enhances the quality of life and it is my goal that your child leaves my class enjoying music and the fun times we have. 

  • Choir

    Here at Miller, we have a wonderful choir filled with 4th and 5th graders. Honor Choir rehearses weekly and has several on and off campus performances, including our favorite event; singing at a Texas Legend's game every fall. You should stop by our concert after open house in the Spring! 

  • Mustang with Music