• Physical Education (PE)

  • P.E. Program Overview

    Welcome to our Physical education Program! We are very pleased to have your child participating in our physical education and fitness classes. Our program presents a variety of activities that teach wellness, fitness, basic skills, rhythms and dance, lifetime activities and sports that are appropriate for each grade level. A balance between fitness activities and skill teaching is maintained throughout the school year.

    We know that a well planned physical education program will result not only in physical fitness, but also in a more positive self-image, more desirable social behavior, and the joy of feeling healthy. Your child will also realize the positive impact good health is on life. By following the safety standards, expectations, and class rules found below, your child will have an enjoyable physical education experience.

    P.E. Goals

    • Be safe and have FUN!
    • Learn skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.
    • Become physically fit.
    • Participate regularly in physical activity.
    • Know the benefits from involvement in physical activities.
    • Learn to be kind and respect others.

    Miller's Annual Field Day

    Miller's Field Day is presented in a "partner challenge" format which fosters cooperation, skill development, decision making, sportsmanship and responsibility. Students are paired with a partner for the day and will participate in more than twenty partner events and several group activities. Field Day at Miller is always a highlight for students and staff. Our Physical Education department creates this fun-filled day by planning and providing a variety of interactive games. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated If you would like to volunteer for Field Day please contact Miller's Volunteer Coordinator.

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