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    • Welcome to the Meadows Elementary School Library! 

    Library Mission:

    The Meadows Elementary School Library is dedicated to embodying the vision of Meadows Elementary as a cornerstone of Excellence, Caring, Collaboration, Learning, and Success in our community. Our mission is to provide a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that fosters a love for reading, critical thinking, and lifelong learning.

    We strive to curate a diverse collection of resources that supports the academic curriculum, promotes intellectual curiosity, and reflects the rich tapestry of our community. Our library endeavors to be a hub for collaboration, where students, educators, and families come together to engage in meaningful dialogue, share ideas, and celebrate the joy of learning.

    With a commitment to excellence, we aim to empower our students with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate an ever-changing world. The library serves as a space where creativity is nurtured, and students are inspired to become lifelong learners and responsible, empathetic citizens.

    In line with the values of caring and collaboration, our library team works collaboratively with educators to integrate information literacy into the curriculum, ensuring that students develop essential research and critical thinking skills. We strive to create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, where every individual feels valued and respected.

    Ultimately, the Meadows Elementary School Library is dedicated to cultivating a passion for learning, fostering a sense of community, and contributing to the overall success of our students as they embark on their educational journey and beyond.

    Hours of Operation

    Our library is open to students and visitors daily from 7:45 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.. Students come to the library weekly with their classes at a scheduled time. Open checkout time (with teacher permission) is 7:45-8:30 daily.


    Weekly Check-out Guidelines 

                   Kindergarten - one book

      • 1st Grade - one/two books

      • 2nd Grade - two books

      • 3rd Grade - three books

      • 4th Grade - three books

      • 5th Grade - three books

    Creating Life-long Learners and Digital Citizens

    Meadows Elementary Bulldogs are Digital Citizens! Students will learn to use technology appropriately.                         Escuela Primaria Meadows Los bulldogs son ciudadanos digitalesestudiantes aprenderán a equilibrar el uso dela tecnología

    Be A Library Volunteer

    We are grateful for all our wonderful volunteers who assist in the circulation process and shelving of library materials. If interested, please email Mrs. England, or call 469-752-2427

Yomaida England