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April 25, 2018 - IB World School Students Paint Mural for Huffman Primary Years Programme Candidate School


Students from Plano East’s IB (International Baccalaureate) World School designed and painted a mural of the IB learner profile for Primary Years Programme (PYP) students at Huffman Elementary. One of the requirements of an IB diploma student is to engage in experiences that involve creativity, activity and service (CAS). CAS activities are designed so that students can achieve specific learning outcomes which include planning and initiating activities, working collaboratively with others and showing perseverance and commitment in their activities. Working on the mural helped Plano East IB students achieve their CAS requirements. They also enjoyed visiting the IB PYP campus and look forward to working with the elementary-age students in the future.


Finished mural: Huffman hawks ae reflective communicators knowledgeable thinkers principled inquirers caring open-minded

Finished mural.

IB World School students from Plano East Senior High School who worked on the mural:

  • Istafa Ali
  • Lamisa Ali
  • Andrea Doan
  • Emaan Haseem
  • Fareen Islam
  • Teena James
  • Navya Kilaru
  • Anuhya Kotta
  • Shaharyar Lakhani
  • Rebecca Lee
  • Jolene Limqueco
  • Guransh Nanda
  • Anagha Narayanan
  • Varsha Narayanan
  • Amanda Ngo
  • Ashley Nguyen
  • Dhara Patel
  • Mahi Patel
  • Simran Patel
  • Madeline Phan
  • Haniya Siddiqui
  • Raiyyan Siddiqui
  • Rohan Shah
  • Rekha Swamy
  • Naasik Syed
  • Tara Vasanth
  • Annie Wu


 Huffman mural in process

Mural painting in process.