• Clubs @ AHS

    Here’s your chance to find others who share your interests and to be a part of Academy history by creating or joining a club. Club meetings are held during the day, and are learner-led.

  • Team Sports

    Sponsors: Kayla HerronMorgan Law
    Location: Activity lot

    Gym flier

  • Esports Club

    Titan eSports is one of the newest opportunities available for our Academy learners to participate in.  Our team competes for various Texas eSports state titles each season.  They meet during the school day each week to hone their skills, develop strategies, create team chemistry, and more in order to accomplish the goal of making the playoffs.  In addition to competitive online gaming we also explore the business aspects of eSports and the multitude of career paths that eSports can provide. 

    Sponsors: Coach James Wright

  • Titan Motorsports

    Sponsors: Francisco Flores Jonathan Kouba
    Location: LS 6-7

  • Robotics

    When the Plano Academy High School (AHS) opened in August of 2015, three students had a goal of creating a robotics team. These three students asked our principal for her permission to start an FRC team. She said NO!
    So they worked together to start the Titan Robotics Club, building a robot to compete in a local BEST tournament. This only made the team want to join an FRC team more. This only made the students want an FRC team more, so they found mentors and coaches to grow into FRC 5431 Titan Robotics.
    The first week of the 2015 competition season brought our team to the Dallas Regional. Competing with world champions like 118, 148, 1477, and 2848 was definitely exciting as 5431 came in 10th place, earning us an invitation to the third place alliance! Being the highest ranked rookie seed got us a spot to the St. Louis Championship! Check out our website for more...

    Sponsors: Julia Goodwin & David Asfar
    Location: The Commons/Robotics Field