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Jan. 19, 2019 - Cowboy Classic Speech and Debate Tournament at Coppell High School

Forty-two Jasper High School speech and debate students competed among 370 entries from twenty-six competing schools at the Cowboy Classic Speech and Debate Tournament at Coppell High School on January 18-19. 


  • Jasper High School, second place

Public Forum Debate

  • Alyssa Nie and Angela Yi, quarterfinals

Congressional Debate

  • Pranav Pattatathunaduvil, first place
  • Jennifer Su, third place
  • Neil Gupta, fourth place
  • Reeya Shah, fifth place
  • Kelly Hu, seventh place
  • Anushka Kumar, eighth place
  • Conny Cai, ninth place

United States Extemp

  • Michael Chen, first place
  • Aditya Karthik, second place
  • Leo Yu, third place
  • Angela Wang, fourth place
  • Tejas Bansal, fifth place
  • Angela Yi, sixth place

International Extemp

  • Kelly Hu, first place
  • Anushka Kumar, second place
  • Rohan Kamalakantha, fourth place
  • Andy Shufer, fifth place
  • Reeya Shah, sixth place
  • Rohan Kamalakantha, fourth place
  • Samir Iyer, semifinals
  • Renee Li, semifinals
  • Michelle Ma, semifinals
  • Alyssa Nie, semifinals


Original Oratory

  • Pranav Nathan, first place
  • Olivia Fan, fourth place
  • Bhavik Tadigotla, sixth place

Informative Speaking

  • Olivia Fan, fifth place

Humorous Interpretation

  • Paavni Chokshi, sixth place

Impromptu Speaking

  • Eric Ryan, second place

Additionally, seven students earned new qualifications to the Texas Forensic Association (TFA) State Speech and Debate Tournament in March in Houston: Pranav Pattatathunaduvil and Reeya Shah in Congressional Debate, Adithya Karthik, Angela Wang and Angela Yi in U.S. Extermp, Anushka Kumar in International Extemp and Pranav Nathan in Original Oratory, for a total of 21 qualifications from 15 students.