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Feb. 14, 2019 - National Geographic GeoBee, Elementary School Campus Winners

Elementary school students participated in campus level National Geographic GeoBees for an opportunity to qualify for the state competition in March. To qualify for the state competition, each school champion took a proctored online qualifying test; the top 100 ranked students in each state will qualify to represent their school at the state level geobee competition. 

The National Geographic GeoBee is an annual competition for students in grades four through eight and includes three levels of competition; school, state and national. Schools must register to compete in the competition and nearly 10,000 schools across the United States competed in 2019. School geobees were held between October 1, 2018 and February 1, 2019, with the date and time determined by the individual schools. State qualifiers will be announced on March 4. The state geobee will be held on March 29, and the national championship will be held May 19-22 in Washington D.C.

Congratulations to these campus level winners:

Andrews Elementary School

  • Aryahi Gairola, fifth grade: champion
  • Diya Reddy, fourth grade: runner up

Andrews Elem principal, teacher and winners

Andrews Elementary winners with Principal Dr. Joy Lovell and teacher Katie Radke.

Brinker Elementary

  • Rehan Buvvaji, fifth grade: champion
  • Matthew Dewers, fourth grade: second place
  • Radu Udrea, fourth grade: third place

Brinker Elem 1at, 2nd and 3rd winners with certificates

Brinker Elementary GeoBee winners.

Centennial Elementary School

  • Sarah Tramboo, fifth grade: second place
  • Ardalon Hakimi, fifth grade: third place

Hunt Elementary School

  • Suhaib Syed, fifth grade: champion
  • Hailey Kilpatrick, fifth grade: second place
  • Soha Syed, fifth grade: third place

Matthews Elementary School

  • Aneesh Jape, fifth grade: first place
  • Harry Ye, fifth grade: second place

Mathews winners with principal and assist prin

Matthews Elementary GeoBee winners with Principal Ryan Steele and Assistant Principal Patricia Powell.

Stinson Elementary School

  • Nanditha Sharath, fifth grade: champion
  • Arya Gurumukhi, fifth grade: second place
  • Arnav Bhute, fifth grade: third place