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Mar. 8, 2019 - Kindness Card Contest Winners

Update April 9, 2019

The kindness card contest winner Saher Kamal, Jasper High School; and three finalists - Sara Salazar, Frankford Middle School; Abigail Githinji, Mitchell Elementary; and Neil Thakkar, Schell Elementary) were recognized by the Board of Trustees and presented with plaques, note cards and a monetary award made possible by the contest sponsor the Plano ISD Education Foundation.

Contest Finalists and winner with artwork

Pictured with their artwork are the contest winner Saher Kamal (far left), Jasper High School; and three finalists - Sara Salazar, Frankford Middle School; Abigail Githinji, Mitchell Elementary; and Neil Thakkar, Schell Elementary) 

March 8, 2019


Nearly 400 Plano ISD students entered their original artwork in the first Kindness Card art contest. The contest was open to Plano ISD students from kindergarten to twelfth grade and was designed to support the social emotional learning (SEL) educational goals of the district. 

Plano ISD defines social emotional learning as an educational process through which skills for life effectiveness are intentionally taught and modeled in a safe, supportive and culturally responsive environment. In Plano ISD, we will grow to understand and manage emotions, care for self and others, develop empathy, build resiliency and solve problems effectively and ethically. Social emotional learning will empower students to become responsible, productive and contributing members of the global community. SEL core values are the belief in the power of: compassion, community, relationships, diversity, hope and trust.

Students competed in four categories: kindergarten to second grade, third to fifth grades, sixth to eighth grades and ninth to twelfth grades. Contest finalists receive a $50 monetary award and the winner will receive a $100 award. Awards have been graciously provided by the Plano ISD Education Foundation and will be presented at the April 9 school board meeting.

The winning artwork will be published on the cover of the official district note cards used throughout the year by the superintendent and other district administrators. 

Contest Finalists and Winner

  • Finalist: Prekindergarten to Second Grade - Neil Thakkar, Schell Elementary, first grade

art by Neil Thakkar, kindness is Handy


  • Finalist: Third to Fifth Grade - Abigail Githinji, Mitchell Elementary, fifth grade

art by Abigail Githinji, Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see - Mark Twain


  • Finalist: Sixth to Eighth Grade - Sara Salazar, Frankford Middle School, eighth grade

Choose Kindness, art earth shaped like a heart with heart beats


  • Contest Winner and Finalist: Ninth to Twelfth Grade - Saher Kamal, Jasper High School, ninth grade

art by Saher Kamal, No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.