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Apr. 15, 2019 - Fifth Grade Camp Begins in September 2019

2019 Fifth Grade Outdoor Adventure Camp Schedule

Session 1, September 16-18: Barksdale, Barron and Sigler Elementary Schools

Session 2, September 23-25: Meadows, Skaggs and Wyatt Elementary Schools

Session 3, September 25-27: Andrews, Miller and Weatherford Elementary Schools

Session 4, October 21-23: Carlisle, Hickey and Mendenhall Elementary Schools

Session 5, October 23-25: Haun, Huffman and Jackson Elementary Schools

Session 6, Oct. 28-30: Aldridge, Beverly and McCall Elementary Schools

Session 7, November 4-6: Hedgcoxe, Mathews and Mitchell Elementary Schools

Session 8, November 6-8: Christie and Hunt Elementary Schools

Session 9, November 11-13: Daffron, Rose Haggar and Wells Elementary Schools

Session 10, Nov. 13-15: Bethany, Brinker and Memorial Elementary Schools

Session 11, November 18-20: Davis, Gulledge and Shepard Elementary Schools

Session 12, November 20-22: Forman, Rasor and Stinson Elementary Schools

Session 13, December 2-4: Boggess, Harrington and Hightower Elementary Schools

Session 14, December 9-11: Centennial, Dooley and Schell Elementary Schools

Session 15, December 11-13: Hughston, Saigling and Thomas Elementary Schools


Camp open house was held on April 14 from 2 to 4 p.m. and included a brief overview and tour. Collin County Adventure Camp is located at 1180 W. Houston Street, Anna, Texas 75409.