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Apr. 18, 2019 - Google and Rep. Van Taylor Host Internet Safety Event at Bowman Middle School

On April 18, Google representatives and U.S. Representative Van Taylor were at Bowman Middle School to share tips with students on how to to stay safe and secure on the Internet. The Online Safety Roadshow: How to Be Internet Awesome, was developed by Google for middle school students and is designed to educate parents and students on how to be smart, successful and safe online.

Two Google employees delivered the 45-minute presentation, which focuses on five tips for staying safe and being smart online. They covered topics including: sharing with care, setting strong passwords, using settings on different websites and apps, identifying online scams and being kind online.

Rep. Taylor and Superintendent Bonser opened the assembly taking the opportunity to emphasize the importance of online safety to the students.

Rep Van Taylor, Superintendent Bonser, Board Sec Nancy Humphrey, Bowman Prin Brooks Baca

U.S. Representative Van Taylor, Superintendent of Schools Sara Bonser, Board Secretary Nancy Humphrey and Bowman Principal Brooks Baca.

"With students having greater access to the Internet through cell phones, tablets and other devices, it is important that they learn to use these tools responsibly," said Jamie Hill, a Google spokesperson. "The Online Safety Roadshow: How to Be Internet Awesome teaches students how to be smart and safe online in today’s interconnected world."

This roadshow is part of Grow with Google, a new initiative to provide Americans of all ages with the skills they need to prepare for work, find a job or grow their business.

Bowman 8th graders at Google Assembly

Bowman eighth graders participated in quizzes about Internet safety during the Google assembly How to Be Internet Awesome. Bowman Principal Brooks Baca also got in on the fun.

Principal Baca participating in Google assembly