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May 20, 2019 - Plano East Senior High School Valedictorian

Plano East Senior High School 2019 Valedictorian - Alexander Lin

Alexander Lin




Future Plans

Alexander Lin plans to attend Georgetown University in the fall and major in international politics. His planned career path leads to many possibilities, from academia to the State Department to the UN. He hopes to take part in fostering international cooperation.


He is active in the Plano East International Baccalaureate Student Service Association and French Club and holds officer positions in both organizations. He has participated in history fair, science fair/LASER (Learning  about Science & Engineering Research), orchestra, speech and debate, and he is a member of the National Honor Society.

Most Influential Teacher

According to Alexander, Plano East Social Studies Teacher Mr. Richard Sklar left a lasting impact during History of the Americas, "his seemingly endless reservoir of raw passion never failed to wake me up in first period. In his hands, history is no longer a string of facts to be memorized for a test; instead, he shapes history into a tale with both predictable trends and dramatic plot twists, and from this tale he teaches us to draw lessons that we can carry with us throughout our lives."

Advice to Students

"Beyond being the step that lifts you towards college, high school should make you a better and more informed individual. Try to appreciate everything you learn even if certain subjects do not directly contribute to your aspired career path--because what you take away from each class becomes a part of you, adding a new dimension to who you are."

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