• Email and Voicemail

  • Microsoft Outlook

    * Must be completed on-campus AND you are required to have logged into your computer 2 times prior to setting up Outlook*

    Installing Microsoft Outlook (at school)

    Outlook Setup Instructions

    A Windows security pop-up will be displayed during the installation prompting you for your password.

    • Remove the (ad.) from the email address or retype your email address.
    • Enter your current network password, even if it appears to be already filled in.
    • Select "Remember my credentials" then click the OK button.
    • TIP! he username field needs to be complete and accurately filled in using the following context: firstname.lastname@pisd.edu

    Access from the Internet (at school or at home)

    1. Log into webdesk.pisd.edu and click the Office 365 tile. OR go directly to outlook.com/pisd.edu and sign in.
    2. Enter your email address as the Office 365 ID. (john.doe@pisd.edu)
    3. Enter your PISD network password and click Sign In.

    Outlook on Mobile Device

    To setup PISD email on your mobile device, click the link for instructions: https://www.pisd.edu/Page/17112

    Microsoft Teams

    Please install MS Teams on your work computer and your mobile device: pisd.edu/msteams

    Voice Mail

    District personnel will be assigned a voice mailbox. It is the mailbox owner's responsibility to monitor this mailbox keeping messages current. If you do not have a voice mailbox, contact your office manager.


    • The password for your new voice mail will be your extension number. 

    Accessing the VOIP Voice Mail System

    • Dial from a district phone: 22189
    • Dial from an outside phone: 469-752-2189

    Express Messaging

    • Dial from a district phone: 22190
    • From outside phone: 469 752-2190

    Voice Mail Reference Materials

  • Texas Open Records LawAnything sent through e-mail is considered a public document and can be obtained by the public and mass news media under the Texas Open Records Law. Therefore, it is important to remain professional and follow proper codes of conduct when writing email messages.