• In 2021, Plano ISD was one of fourteen districts selected to participate in Cohort 1 of the Holdsworth Leadership Collaborative. This was an 18-month program designed to help district leaders build a strong bench of aspiring leaders who are ready to step into leadership positions as those opportunities arise. Through this partnership and experience, our goal was to understand and grow opportunities in all levels of leadership. This work is centered on our desire to continue to develop and strengthen our leadership pipeline and to provide overall leadership support along the way.


    The first objective of this work was to develop a task force which included staff from around the district in order to create a Leadership Definition that models what is important in Plano ISD. The task force studied many companies and other districts' leadership definitions to gain an idea and understanding of what was important to them. We learned who was involved, how they initiated the work as well as how they implemented it into their own organizations. What resulted was the Plano ISD Leadership Profile, which outlines nine competencies and behaviors that were identified as key to effective leadership.


    Plano ISD will have additional resources related to the Leadership Profile very soon!

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